One top Democrat strategist is making a shocking prediction for the upcoming Midterm elections

The Biden administration and Democrat incumbents in the House and Senate have created skyrocketing inflation, soaring gas prices, crime surges, a crisis at the southern border, a disastrous withdraw from Afghanistan, students being indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory in the classroom, and an American public sick and tired of COVID regulations. 

Their solution? More COVID mandates, legislation making voter fraud easier, and the supposed Build Back Better socialist spending boondoggle. 

Now one top Democrat strategist is making a shocking prediction for the upcoming Midterm elections. 

Amy Walter, an analyst for the Left-leaning Cook Political Report is criticizing Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s strategy to force votes on the unpopular Build Back Better and anti-election safety legislation. 

Walter says Schumer’s tactics will cost Democrats seats in the Midterms. 

“It’s one thing for a bill to die before it reaches a vote in the Senate,” Walter wrote. “It’s another for a party to force members to vote on something they know will fail because one of your own colleagues has concluded the legislation is going to — in his words — hamper economic recovery and raise energy costs.”

Walter says the far-left members of the Party are looking to make themselves feel better at the expense of Congressional and Senate seats in 2022. 

“While it may give some progressives comfort to get Manchin and Senate Republicans on record, it will not help the party or the president politically,” Walter wrote. “Another few weeks of a media narrative focused on ‘Democrats in disarray’ or ‘Democrats in-fighting’ would only further depress an already discouraged Democratic base.”

Walter imagines GOP ads in swing states like Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire whacking vulnerable Democrat incumbents for voting in favor of legislation their constituents do not approve of. 

Finally, Walter suggests even if Democrats employ the Schumer strategy and somehow pass Build Back Better, it wouldn’t help President Biden’s dismal approval ratings. 

“It is pessimism about the pandemic and the state of the economy that are driving most of the slide,” Watler surmises. “Unless or until both get better, passing BBB, isn’t going to improve Biden’s ratings all that much.” 

It’s telling when even fellow Democrats don’t want their own party to vote on their center-piece legislation, because they know it will hurt them at the ballot box. 

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