Paige Spiranac just broke the internet with this brief seven-word post

squirrel83 from Astoria, NY , USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The radical Left has worked tirelessly in recent years to destroy American culture and American traditions.

Fortunately, many American traditions remain intact, including the great spectacle known as the Kentucky Derby.

And Paige Spiranac just broke the internet with this brief seven-word post.

Paige Spiranac just gave her followers another reason to pay attention to the Kentucky Derby

Since 1875, spectators have flocked to Louisville, Kentucky, for the legendary Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.

Over the centuries, the Kentucky Derby has emerged as one of the most prestigious horse races in the world.

Last Saturday, spectators flocked to the annual Kentucky Derby, with many more tuning in online or via television.

And if the excitement of the Kentucky Derby was not enough, influencer Paige Spiranac just gave every red-blooded man another good reason to watch.

Prior to the race, Spiranac posted a picture of herself on X in full Kentucky Derby regalia with the caption, “Who should I put my money on?”

As of Monday, this sultry post had nearly five-million views, and it does not take a genius to figure out why.

Few influencers have made such a splash as Paige Spiranac, who has successfully parlayed her love of sports with her stunning appearance.

In addition to advancing her modeling career, Spiranac uses her social media presence to give golfing tips and promote different sports brands.

Clearly, this strategy has worked, as Paige Spiranac boasts over four-million Instagram followers and over one-million X followers.

As far as the Kentucky Derby goes, this year’s Derby attracted massive crowds, and even more television viewers.

According to NBC Sports, roughly 20.1 million viewers watched the main event, which took place on Saturday at around 7 P.M.

However, the average viewership of the event and the pregame ceremonies sat at about 16.7 million viewers.

Last year, the Kentucky Derby attracted 14.8 million viewers, meaning that this year’s race saw a 13% spike in viewership.

ABC Sports claimed that this year’s viewership was the highest since the 1989 Derby.

And this year’s viewers were treated to one hell of a race.

Right at the end of the race, horses Mystik Dan, Sierra Leone, and Forever Young finished neck and neck in the first three-way photo finish since 1947.

After closer review, Mystik Dan won by a nose length, proving that the Kentucky Derby is truly a game of inches.

Americans cannot get enough of major spectacles like the Kentucky Derby

Humans have watched and participated in horse racing for thousands of years.

However, no other horse race in the world matches the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.

Whether it is the exciting race or the spectacle of the event, the Kentucky Derby has cemented itself as a great American tradition.

And according to this year’s viewership, it is rapidly gaining in popularity.

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