Paige Spiranac posted a Fourth of July bikini picture that will drive Democrats crazy

Photo by Keith Allison, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia,

Americans celebrated the Fourth of July and reveled in the freedoms afforded to them because of the greatness of this nation.

Well, most Americans did.

And Paige Spiranac posted a Fourth of July bikini picture that will drive Democrats crazy.

Pro golfer and social media influencer Paige Spiranac celebrated the Fourth of July in a stars and stripes bikini with an all-American side of hot dogs and beer.

Spiranac was proud to be from the United States and celebrate the nation’s birthday with the most American of activities.

Many on the Left could not say the same.

The left-wing ice cream company Ben and Jerry’s decided that the Fourth of July was the right occasion to regurgitate the lie that the founders stole their land from the Native Americans and that all property should be returned to its rightful owners.

Essence Magazine – which bills itself as a publication that is 100 percent black owned – declared that Jill Scott’s version of the National Anthem – where she smears the United States as the “home of the slave” and claims the streets run red with the blood of black Americans – is the only version of the National Anthem they will now honor.

The lack of patriotism on the Left is not limited to a small number of social media accounts.

A recent Gallup poll found just 29 percent of self-identified leftists were very proud to be an American.

That’s the end result of decades of indoctrination in Hollywood combined with a news media and academia that claims America is irredeemably racist, sexist, and homophobic.

The Fourth of July used to be a unifying event where Americans could grill, drink, party, and watch baseball as they celebrated the greatest country on earth.

Now the Left uses it as another excuse to whine about how terrible everything is.

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