Parents and taxpayers will freak out over this Biden-endorsed plan to federalize preschool

The late, great Whitney Houston once said, “I believe that children are our future.”

And if Whitney is correct, then the future is something Joe Biden and the radical Left are certainly trying to control by brainwashing children through government-run education.

That has parents and taxpayers freaking out over this Biden-endorsed plan to federalize preschool. 

We’ve seen this Leftist indoctrination happen on America’s college campuses, in primary, middle, and high schools, and unless parents and taxpayers stand up, we could see it in our preschools in the not too distant future.

Leftists want to brainwash your child’s minds as soon as possible

Just over the weekend, the Internet was set ablaze by a video released on social media of a drag queen show for children.

Reportedly, the event was called “Drag the Kids to Pride” and held at a Dallas, Texas gay bar called Mr. Misster, where children as young as seven-years-old witnessed drag queens dance in front of a neon sign that read “It’s not gonna lick itself.”

And the event description stated that children could also participate in the “Drag Show” and either dance with one of the adult performers or by themselves.

Sadly, this is just the latest example of the Left trying to expose the youth of America to their radical ideology as early as possible.

One may remember during the 2018 election when “Drag Queen Storytime” became a salient part of politicians’ campaigns and the culture war.

And more recently, the parent-led school board protests over Critical Race Theory being forced on children in public schools or the so-called children’s book “Antiracist baby” written by leftist activist and Boston University professor Ibram X. Kendi who infamously called Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett a “white colonizer” for adopting black children.

Needless to say, the radical Left has been trying to expose themselves to our children for quite some time, which is why parents should be very skeptical of a federal government controlled preschool-for-all program.

“Free” indoctrination will cost taxpayers how much?!?!?!

Famed conservative economist Milton Friedman once said, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” and that’s certainly true when it comes to the Left’s universal preschool program.

The Penn Wharton Budget Model (a nonpartisan project that studies the fiscal impact of public policy proposals) estimated that it would cost taxpayers $351 BILLION over the next ten years if a universal preschool program for three and four-year-olds was launched today.

Why this is such an important number for taxpayers to remember is because Joe Biden has publicly supported such a program within the last two years.

On the campaign trail in 2020, Joe Biden campaigned on such a program. 

And in 2021, Biden tried to enact it by including the program in his so-called American Families Plan.

When asked about the Left’s preschool-for-all plans, the Cato Institute’s education policy analyst Colleen Hroncich called them a “bad idea,” saying, “A federal program will come with burdensome mandates that will drive preferred providers out of business, increase costs, and worsen outcomes.”

Whether or not Joe Biden’s dream of a universal preschool program will ever come to fruition remains to be seen.

But after the Penn Wharton Budget Model’s report and the threat of another parent-led backlash it probably and thankfully won’t be happening any time soon.

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