Parents are furious after this Big Labor power grab was made public

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The COVID pandemic brought out the worst in America.

Never before have Americans so quickly surrendered their personal liberties for monetary feelings of safety.

And now parents are furious after this Big Labor power grab was made public.

The radical Left put special interests in front of their own children during the pandemic

Even from the onset of the pandemic in March of 2020, it was obvious to scientists that young people are largely unaffected by the COVID-19 virus, or at least their symptoms are much less severe.

In spite of these widely accepted facts, many school systems, particularly those in Democrat-controlled parts of America, shut down and closed for long periods of time.

Children were forced to conduct their courses from home, which severely set them back and hindered their intellectual growth and development.

Many experts believe that these gaps in education have caused permanent stunts in development.

Recent memos show that union officials, including American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, worked tirelessly to keep schools closed in order to satisfy their own interests.

In fact, Joe Biden came very close to issuing statements and guidance that may have opened schools earlier if it wasn’t vetoed by his Big Labor overlords.

Atlantic writer Franklin Foer recently published a book on the matter titled The Last Politician, which divulges some of the inner workings of the Biden administration.

“For the sake of avoiding conflict, especially conflict with an ally, the Biden administration trimmed its goal of returning kids to school to a fraction of what had been promised on the campaign trail,” Foer said. “The announcement came as an aside in a press conference. Jen Psaki explained that Biden had really meant that he wanted more than half of the pre-K-to-8 schools to attend at least one in-person session a week by the end of his first hundred days.”

Foer then pointed to a phone call where Joe Biden told ATF union boss Randi Weingarten that “I am not abandoning you on schools. I want you to know that.”

These communications demonstrate Biden’s close ties to union officials like Randi Weingarten, who pump massive amounts of dollars into Democrat campaigns.

Joe Biden has repeatedly put money over the best interests of the American public

Throughout his entire Presidency, Joe Biden has proven to the public that his special interests come before the best interests of the American people.

Even when Joe Biden knew opening up schools was the right thing to do, he caved to the demands of union bosses like Randi Weingarten.

Joe Biden is in the pocket of Big Labor.

This has resulted in the downfall of former President Donald Trump’s robust economy at the expense of American citizens.

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