Parents are outraged over this perverted new TV show on a top streaming service

These days there are countless streaming services, yet it still seems like there is very little decent content out there. 

To make matters worse, much of the new content being churned out is loaded with “woke” themes and content, making them unwatchable. 

And parents are outraged over this perverted new TV show on a top streaming service. 

The radical Left and their obsession with sexualizing children

When you think about classic American television, Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch, and The Andy Griffith Show all come to mind. 

But these days, portrayals of white nuclear families are considered to be racist and outdated by the far-left. 

That is why everything they put out these days seems like a competition to out woke the other. 

If they want to produce this garbage for adults that is one thing, but lately, the Left has developed an obsession with brainwashing young children. 

For proof, just look at the recent Buzz Lightyear movie, which caused a stir for featuring a lesbian kiss scene. 

Unsurprisingly, the movie was a complete and total flop, and was arguably one of Disney’s biggest disappointments ever. 

The moral of the story is that parents don’t want their children watching “woke” smut.  

They want their children to be children. 

But clearly, the entertainment industry has not learned their lesson. 

Just back in June, streaming giant Netflix released a new television program called First Kill which is a teenage vampire drama featuring main characters who play the role of young teenage lesbians. 

The show contains very sexually suggestive content, and as a result, parents are outraged that such programming is being put out there that is designed to lure in young viewers. 

Outrage got so intense that Netflix canceled the show less than two months after releasing the first season. 

Now the Left wants Netflix canceled for good

At the end of the day, there is nothing controversial about a TV show featuring lesbians, but teenage lesbians is a different story. 

This shows just how desperate the Left is to groom young children into becoming sexual deviants. 

Not only is it fundamentally wrong, but it is disgusting. 

Despite that, the radical Left is up in arms over the cancellation of this unwatchable TV show. 

Almost as soon as Netflix announced the cancellation of First Kill, all of the purple-haired freaks took to their parents’ computers to get #cancelnetflix trending on Twitter. 

What these freaks do not realize is that most Americans do not think as they do. 

Most Americans do not want their young children watching young lesbian children making out with each other. 

In fact, Netflix has been forced to drop other woke programming due to drastic decreases in subscribers, including a show for very young children called Antiracist Baby, which is based off of a book by a Black Lives Matter terrorist designed to teach very young children Critical Race Theory. 

Real Americans are getting fed up with “woke” culture and the more that streaming services like Netflix keep pumping this garbage out, the more subscribers they will lose. 

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