Parents can breathe a sigh of relief after Texas made this common-sense move

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The radical Left continues to have a considerable influence on American pop culture. 

This means that many children become exposed to the Left and its radical ideology at a very young age. 

But parents can breathe a sigh of relief after Texas made this common-sense move.

Texas just made a move that has the radical Left up in arms 

The woke mob has attempted to advance the agenda of the LGBT movement for decades. 

At first, those on the Left successfully advanced causes like gay marriage and emphasized the point that consenting adults should have the right to be together and get married. 

This notion appealed to many Americans.

However, it did not take long for the woke mob to take things too far. 

As it stands, transgenderism has become one of the leading causes of the radical Left. 

Much to the horror of parents, radical leftists have set their sights on children.

They are advocating for children who believe they are transgendered to get dangerous, permanent, and life altering sex change operations. 

The Left’s targeting of children for these risky procedures has created considerable backlash all across America. 

In Texas, lawmakers passed legislation to ban such operations on minors.

They cited the mental and physical risk these procedures present, especially to young people. 

This measure took effect on September 1, 2023.

But lawyers representing the woke mob quickly filed lawsuits by claiming this measure violated their rights. 

On Friday, the Texas Supreme Court sided with the legislature and upheld their ban on sex change operations for minors. 

Texas Supreme Court Justice Rebeca Aizpuru Huddle explained the court ruling.

She wrote that “we conclude the Legislature made a permissible, rational policy choice to limit the types of available medical procedures for children, particularly in light of the relative nascency of both gender dysphoria and its various modes of treatment and the Legislature’s express constitutional authority to regulate the practice of medicine.”

On the other hand, Justice Debra Lehrmann wrote the dissenting opinion.

She wrote that “the State’s categorical statutory prohibition prevents these parents, and many others, from developing individualized treatment plans for their children in consultation with their physicians, even the children for whom treatment could be lifesaving.”

“The law is not only cruel — it is unconstitutional,” the flustered Texas Supreme Court Justice added. 

Texas just signaled that they would not tolerate the Left’s attempt to court children into their camp 

Many doctors and experts question the safety and validity of sex change operations, often pointing to the increased chance of health complications and even suicide. 

These concerns become even more significant when it comes to children. 

Any parent knows that adolescents often cannot decide what to wear in the morning or what to eat for dinner. 

For these reasons, children cannot get tattoos or other types of plastic surgeries due to their permanence. 

But many on the Left are demanding that children be allowed to permanently alter their bodies in the most personal and shocking way imaginable. 

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