Parents were furious to learn just how far Critical Race Theory has infiltrated government schools

The woke mob is committed to taking over classrooms and indoctrinating children.

Many on the Left like to say that Republicans are outraged over something that simply isn’t happening in schools.

But parents were furious to learn just how far Critical Race Theory has infiltrated government schools.

Nearly every student in survey says that they have been taught some tenant of Critical Race Theory

Manhattan Institute is a conservative think tank that has made a name for itself fighting back against Critical Race Theory in the government school system.

They just finished a survey that found that 93 percent of Americans aged 18-20 years old have been influenced by at least one piece of Critical Race Theory when they were in school.

The results are daunting and directly contradict the claims of many teachers unions that have claimed that CRT was not being taught in classrooms.

The author of the report, Zach Goldberg, gave an honest take on the survey stating that “even assuming exposure is overestimated in the current data, it’s safe to say that a sizable share of the pre-college student population is being subjected to this stuff.”

67 percent had heard that America is systemically racist either in class or from an adult at school

In the survey of 1,505 young people, they asked if they had been taught about cultural and political hot buttons. 

The team asked questions to determine if they had learned “America is a systemically racist country,” that “white people have privilege,” and even questions covering whether gender is an “identity choice, regardless of the biological sex you were born into.”

67 percent of young Americans surveyed said that they had either been taught or heard from an adult at school that “America was built on stolen land,” while 66% had the same experience with the idea that “In America, white people have white privilege.”

Those who had “at least some college” were more likely than those who hadn’t yet attended college to believe that “discrimination is the main reason for differences in wealth or other outcomes between races or genders.” 

Nearly 60% believed that statement to be true.

According to the survey the majority of those surveyed had also “heard from an adult” that the United States is a “patriarchal society” in which you are more likely to be successful only if you are a man.

Manhattan project warns that we are slipping into an “identity-based cultural socialism”

Teaching people that they are victims, rather than empowering them to do great things, is obviously not a good foundation to build a society on. 

In the report, the Manhattan Institute says, “This is indoctrination, and governments should act swiftly to put a stop to it.”

They further warned, “Unless voters, parents, and governments act, these illiberal and unscientific ideas will spread more widely, and will replace traditional American liberal nationalism with an identity-based cultural socialism.” 

The biggest takeaway from this report should be that while conservatives are on the sidelines – people are indoctrinating kids with radical Marxist ideology.

If Republican legislators don’t step in and fast, then America’s kids are destined for a future run by the socialist Left.

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