Parents were furious when they learned what their children’s school did for this Antifa thug

How would you feel if you found out that your child’s teacher was an avowed member of Antifa who hung portraits of murderous communist dictators in his classroom for your child to see every day?

Sadly, parents in one government-run school had to deal with this exact scenario.

And they were furious when they learned what their children’s school did for this Antifa thug.

“Scare the **** out of them”

Project Veritas broke the story last August when they released video footage of Gabriel Gipe, an AP Government Teacher at Inderkum High School in Sacramento, California.

In the video, Gipe proudly admits that his goal is to turn his students into communist revolutionaries and works to do just that by scaring “the **** out of them.”

The walls of his classroom were plastered with posters of murderous communist dictators such as Mao Zedong, an Antifa flag, a gay pride flag, and more . . .

He even handed out extra credit to students who participated in leftist political rallies.

School district pays Antifa teacher to resign

According to Fox News, the school district agreed to pay Gipe $190,000, the equivalent to three years salary, to resign back in January.

And while he is gone, the damage is already done.

How many students did he successfully indoctrinate with his far-left, anti-American ideology? 

Taxpayers being stuck with a $190,000 bill just adds insult to the injury after the school district failed to protect students from this twisted individual who had no business being in a classroom in the first place.

Not an isolated incident

Sadly, the only way the school district was held to account for allowing Gabriel Gipe to have free rein in teaching students about his murderous leftist ideology was through the outrage created by the Project Veritas Video.

But how many more Gabriel Gipes are there teaching and preying on our children with their radical leftist ideology?

Libs of TikTok is constantly releasing video clips of teachers pushing radical agendas on children as young as five.

Whether it be gender identity politics, communism, Critical Race Theory or climate justice, there are countless “teachers” who are trying to turn the next generation of Americans into anti-American leftist revolutionaries. 

Leftist-controlled school boards and unions to blame

Political leftist have successfully worked to take over school boards for decades in America, even in the most rural and conservative parts of our country.

Too often, conservatives do not pay attention to these local races where leftists are able to sneak in under the radar as school board officials usually do not identify with a given political party. 

Not only that, teachers unions will go to bat for these radicals, often threatening massive lawsuits against school districts, which causes school districts to back down and give out massive payouts to settle just like was witnessed in this example out of California.

Conservatives must fight back or take their kids out of government schools

If you are going to put your kids into government schools, recognize the risk that you are taking and be prepared to fight back. 

Do not passively parent when your children are in government schools, but intimately know what they are being taught and take action if you find out their teachers are attempting to indoctrinate or prey on your children.

To be clear, not all teachers are bad. 

Those who are good must be encouraged and protected at all costs.

But the bad ones must be rooted out if we are going to have a fighting chance to save the next generation.

Many Americans are making the choice to pull their kids out of government schools entirely and putting them in private schools or are opting for homeschool.

Even with some private schools, parents must be keenly aware of what their children are being taught.

We must do all that we can to protect future generations from a government school system that is being weaponized by the political Left to turn our children into foot soldiers in their cultural revolution.

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