Pat Sajak made one surprising confession about Wheel of Fortune that left fans stunned,_2006_edit.jpg, Cpl. Tom Sloan, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Pat Sajak became one of the most popular game show hosts in history during his more than 40 years on Wheel of Fortune

Hosting the long-running game show changed his life in some unexpected ways. 

And Pat Sajak made one surprising confession about Wheel of Fortune that left fans stunned.

Pat Sajak talks about working with his daughter Maggie on Wheel of Fortune 

Pat Sajak finished his 43-year run as the host of Wheel of Fortune with a touching goodbye to fans.

His daughter, Maggie Sajak, has worked with him since 2021 as the game show’s social media correspondent.

She helps connect fans to the show by posting behind-the-scenes content, interviews, and sneak peeks at upcoming events.

Wheel of Fortune’s social media accounts uploaded an interview between Sajak and his daughter ahead of his final show.

Maggie asked him how he liked working alongside his “favorite daughter,” which prompted him to laugh.

She said that even though her dad had a “nontraditional job” and a “nontraditional schedule,” it allowed him to “really raise” her and her brother, Patrick, by having more time at home.

Sajak married his wife Lesley in 1989 and the couple has two children, Maggie and Patrick.

“I like to say that I’ve had 40 years of a part-time job — pretending it was full-time,” Sajak said. “I could watch you guys grow up and go to the games and all that kind of stuff that work might have taken me away from.”

Maggie made her debut on Wheel of Fortune during her first birthday in 1996.

“I mean, you’ve been a part of this show forever,” Sajak continued. “I dragged you out when you were one year old and we were in Hawaii.”

Pat Sajak worked with his three favorite women

Maggie Sajak filled in as the letter-turner in 2020 when Vanna White hosted the show for a week while Pat Sajak was on leave after surgery.

She served as the letter-turner again in 2023 when White competed as a contestant on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.

Sajak said his daughter working at Wheel of Fortune with him allowed him to spend more time with her.

“Now when you’re working here, and I’m with three of my favorite ladies in the world,” Sajak said. “When I’m here, I’m with you and your mother and Vanna, and it’s a pretty good life I got.”

Maggie noted that he already saw a lot of her before she joined the show.

“Yeah, but now I never get away from you,” Sajak joked. “It’s funny.  People — I bet they think that I stormed in one day and said, ‘I want my daughter to work on the show.’ I wish I could take the credit, but I had nothing to do with it.”

“No, it’s been obviously such a pleasure for me working with you,” Maggie told him.

Pat Sajak leaves Wheel of Fortune as the longest-serving game show host in TV history. 

During his more than 40 years on the show, he became a TV institution.

Wheel of Fortune will have a different feel next season without Pat Sajak as the host.

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