Patriotic Americans were furious after a far-Left lawmaker cheekily proposed demolishing this one landmark

Photo by Roberto Vivancos from Pexels

It is no secret that many on the Left have a deep-rooted hatred for America. 

This loathing applies to everything that makes America great, including landmarks, institutions, and traditions. 

And patriotic Americans were furious after a far-Left lawmaker cheekily proposed demolishing this one landmark.

Maxwell Frost just made national headlines for all of the wrong reasons

America’s southern border with Mexico remains wide open, allowing thousands of illegal aliens to flood into the nation on a daily basis. 

Joe Biden has failed to keep the southern border safe, causing House Republicans to do whatever they can to help secure the border. 

Predictably, House Democrats are not going down without a fight. 

During a House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing on H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act, Democrat Congressman Maxwell Frost (D-FL) made one proposal that sent shockwaves across America. 

“My colleagues from the other side of the aisle, let’s be honest with immigrants who deserve better than what you’re offering them,” he said. “Don’t welcome immigrants if you plan to reject them. If you keep pushing your bigoted H.R. 2 bill, then also pass this bill. I’ve taken the liberty of drafting it for you.”

“It removes the Statue of Liberty, our largest symbol that tells people to come here,” he continued. “This is who you are removing, the fabric of America. So I want to know which Republican who supports and voted for H.R.2 will introduce this bill?  If you’re gonna support H.R.2 and these bigoted measures, the least you can do is not be a damn liar.”

This unprecedented proposal, which sarcastically calls for the removal of the Statue of Liberty, instantly made headlines across the nation. 

On X, a number of users voiced their outrage once a clip of Frost’s proposal began to circulate. 

One X user named Doug Powers chimed in by saying that “the country’s going to hell because people keep electing morons like this.” 

Meanwhile, another X user named Lori Mills proposed that “he should sponsor a family, and illegal aliens should be sent to his district. It’s the compassionate thing to do.” 

Congressman Frost has not clarified or withdrawn these comments and many political experts do not expect him to. 

Maxwell Frost just demonstrated the Left’s determination to keep the southern border wide open

Regardless of the damage that Joe Biden’s open borders policies have wrought on America, Democrats are determined to keep the southern border as porous as possible. 

However, not all Democrats agree with Maxwell Frost and his cronies.

This includes New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who claimed that illegal immigration could “destroy” New York City as it is currently known. 

The Democrat Party has deep divisions on this issue and Maxwell Frost’s proposal to tear down the Statue of Liberty represents the most extreme far-Left perspective on illegal immigration. 

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