PBS’ Christiane Amanpour is selling Americans a bill of goods that she hopes they’ll buy before November

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Ron DeSantis has made big changes as Governor of Florida and election results show that residents approve of the changes. 

But the media does not approve. 

And PBS’ Christiane Amanpour is selling Americans a bill of goods that she hopes they’ll buy before November. 

PBS is no longer simply a place to watch Mr. Rogers or Three Tenors concerts

The Public Broadcasting System as well as National Public Radio like to say they’re “funded by viewers/listeners like you” while campaigning for donations.

However, according to the Washington Post, PBS, NPR, and other small affiliates of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting received about $525 million in taxpayer dollars in the last Fiscal Year.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas recently labeled PBS and NPR as a partisan propaganda institution that puts out news and programming that pushes the woke agenda.

Amanpour plays the race card on Juneteenth 

PBS host Christiane Amanpour claims that journalists should live by the motto, “truthful, not neutral.”

However, on the Juneteenth special episode of her show, Amanpour and Company, the host and her guests were neither neutral nor truthful. 

Amanpour was joined by the Executive Director and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), Bryan Stevenson. 

The EJI is a non-profit organization that provides free legal services and lawyers to convicts and also challenges the death penalty. 

Amanpour tossed this convoluted question at Stevenson. 

“So, let’s talk a little bit about more hurdles that seem to be – I mean, just rushing to get put up by the Supreme Court votes by, you know, certainly under the Trump administration. So, if Congress won’t pass voting rights legislation, the Supreme Court won’t uphold current laws, well, obviously, there’s been progress, but there seems to be so much pushback.”

First of all, Congress passed the Voting Rights Act all the way back in 1965. 

The bill prohibited states from imposing qualifications or practices to disqualify people from voting based on race. 

Congress outlawed segregation in the previous year with the Civil Rights Act. 

It’s unclear what Amanpour was even trying to say about the Supreme Court. 

She didn’t elaborate on what “pushback” she’s alleging. 

But that didn’t stop Stevenson from making untrue allegations against Republicans. 

“We are still in the middle of a really important narrative struggle in the United States for what it means to actually achieve freedom,” Stevenson answered. “And I do think the historical context is important. After emancipation, our Congress passed the 14th Amendment, which guaranteed equal protection to formerly enslaved people. They passed the 15th Amendment, which guaranteed the right to vote. But those rights were not enforced because we were more committed in America to maintaining racial hierarchy, to maintaining white supremacy, than enforcing the rule of law.”

Stevenson is playing fast and loose with the facts in his answer. 

First of all, he ignored the fact that it was Republicans who fought against what was known as “black codes” that denied former slaves the right to vote. 

And it was only in Democrat-controlled southern states that Jim Crow laws disenfranchised blacks until the Voting Rights Act. 

But Stevenson wasn’t done spinning, and his next target was America’s Governor. 

Amanpour and Stevenson lie about Ron DeSantis 

“Every student in Germany is required to study the Holocaust,” Stevenson pointed out. “You can’t graduate without that. But here in the United States, we have states passing laws trying to make it illegal, impermissible for people to study these histories, and that just speaks to the challenge that we face and so, we are in the middle of it, and we have a lot of work to do, which is why I am persuaded that we need an era of truth and justice, truth and repair, truth and restoration, truth telling about this history.”

Amanpour didn’t challenge Stevenson on his blatantly inaccurate statement. 

There is no state in America that bars the teaching of slavery, reconstruction, the Jim Crow era, or the struggle for civil rights. 

What Stevenson is alluding to is Ron DeSantis’ move to bar Critical Race Theory (CRT) from Florida schools. 

Banning CRT has nothing to do with erasing black history. 

But Amanpour, Stevenson, and the rest of the media are desperate to hide the truth from voters and do whatever they can to make the GOP look bad before November. 

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