PETA is foaming at the mouth over what Jameis Winston did to a Tuna fish during the Sports Fishing Championship

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There is no bigger character in the NFL than quarterback Jameis Winston. 

His latest antics left all the right people fuming. 

And PETA is foaming at the mouth over what Jameis Winston did to a Tuna fish during the Sports Fishing Championship.

Jameis Winston is as crazy as they come

You have to be a little bit insane to play in the NFL.

The idea of running at human beings the size of refrigerators is not something that the human mind does in its normal state.

When the average person sees someone like Derrick Henry trying to run through them, they will generally move out of the way.

We have seen some pretty insane characters in the NFL, including Steve Smith and Ndamukong Suh.

But of all the people who have been in the NFL and make you question if they have any glimpse of reality, Jameis Winston has to be the most insane player currently in the League.

Since his college career, Jameis Winston has been as crazy as they come. 

Jameis was second to none while he was the quarterback for the Florida State Seminoles. 

While being the top quarterback in college football, he developed a reputation for being a character on and off the field. 

He was suspended for a game back in 2014 when he stood up on a table at the Florida State student union and shouted “f*** her right in the p****!”

Jameis had several run-ins with the law in 2013 over petty theft. 

One time the police were called as he was repeatedly taking soda from a Burger King in a ketchup cup and a water bottle. 

But then he made the news for walking into a Publics and shoving a bag of crab legs down his pants. 

But he didn’t mature with age. 

In fact, his craziness has continued throughout his NFL career. 

Best interview of the year

This past weekend, the Sport Fishing Championship hosted their annual “The Catch” tournament, which pairs NFL players with the fishing leagues’ best anglers.

And Jameis Winston was in the tournament.

While it didn’t look like Jameis participated in much of the fishing, he did make the most of his time while on the boat by interviewing the fish as they flapped away on the deck. 

Just watch the video below.

We all know that PETA is losing their minds over this video. 

They lose their minds over petting zoos, let alone fish dying on a deck as Jameis interviews their last flap. 

Jameis Winston might be crazy, but he is a national treasure that we need to protect at all costs. 

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