Pete Buttigieg breathed a sigh of relief after House RINOs voted to bail him out of trouble

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Joe Biden’s administration is surrounded by scandals and corruption.

But some Republicans are refusing to hold the Biden administration accountable.

And Pete Buttigieg breathed a sigh of relief after House RINOs voted to bail him out of trouble.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is breathing a sigh of relief after nine House Republicans joined Democrats and voted against requiring him to reveal where he travels on taxpayer-funded planes.

Creating chaos at the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA)

The vote was on an amendment to a bill directing funds to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Congresswoman Mary Miller (R-IL), who introduced the amendment, called on the head of the FAA to “submit to Congress a report containing the flight records of the Secretary of Transportation for any flight on an aircraft owned by the Federal Aviation Administration” over the last three years.

“Secretary Buttigieg and President Biden’s policies have created chaos within the FAA,” Miller said on the House floor. “Under the Biden administration, we saw the first full ground stoppage of all flights since September 11.” 

“Taxpayers deserve to know where Secretary Pete was jetting off to on a private jet while our constituents were dealing with canceled and delayed flights,” Miller continued.

Democrats defended Buttigieg and tried to argue that requiring him to disclose such travel information would be a waste of time and resources.

“There is no basis as to why this report should be needed,” Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen said. 

“There are many pressing issues the FAA should dedicate its attention toward, and [Miller’s] amendment would detract from those efforts,” he said.

Unfortunately, a few Republicans agreed with Cohen, and the amendment failed by a vote of 219-216.

A clear double standard

Nine Republican House members voted with the Democrats to kill the amendment and let Buttigieg skate on his abusive travel.

The nine Republicans who voted to save Buttigieg were Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Brandon Williams and Marcus Molinaro of New York, David Joyce and Troy Balderson of Ohio, Garret Graves of Louisiana, Jack Bergman of Michigan, Jennifer Kiggans of Virginia, and Sam Graves of Missouri.

Balderson later said he had “inadvertently” voted against the amendment and submitted the required paperwork to change his vote.

The Miller amendment was in response to a Fox News report from December showing that Buttigieg had taken 18 flights on taxpayer-funded private jets during his time as Transportation Secretary.

With the failure of the amendment, it now appears Buttigieg will not face any repercussions for his abuse of taxpayer dollars.

Of course, when one of former President Donald Trump’s Cabinet officials came under the same kind of scrutiny, he was forced to step down.

Former Trump Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was forced to resign in 2017 during similar investigations into his use of private taxpayer-funded planes.

This is just the latest example of RINOs in Congress allowing the Biden administration to run amok.

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