Pete Buttigieg is outraged over what this one disgruntled owner admitted about electric vehicles

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Transitioning Americans from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric-powered vehicles is a top priority for the Democrat Party. 

But as more drivers switch to electric vehicles (EVs), consumers are finding out the hard way that the grass is not always greener on the other side. 

And Pete Buttigieg is outraged over what this one disgruntled owner admitted about electric vehicles. 

The Left’s rush to support electric vehicles is causing unanticipated headaches

Forcing electric vehicles down the throats of drivers is a top priority of the radical Left. 

Although many studies indicate that electric vehicles have higher carbon footprints and also cause more damage to infrastructure, leftists are determined to force every driver to go electric. 

A lot of drivers have obliged to this call, and as a result, many are learning that electric cars are not what they are cracked up to be. 

One such driver who made the switch is Dalbir Bala, a Canadian man who purchased a Ford F-150 Lightning EV last January for an eye-popping $115,000 Canadian dollars (roughly $85,000 U.S. dollars). 

Quickly after purchasing this expensive new truck, Bala learned the hard way that electric vehicles are a substantial investment. 

According to a discussion Bala had with Fox News Digital, he got into a minor fender bender soon after buying his truck that took six months to fix. 

But Bala really discovered what a nightmare owning this truck can be when he and his family embarked on a 1,400-mile road trip to Chicago. 

At their first stop in Fargo, North Dakota, Bala managed to find a quick charging port, which took two hours and $56 to charge his vehicle from 10% to 90%. 

But this charge was only good for another 215 miles.  

At their next stop in Albertville, Minnesota, they discovered that the charging port was faulty and the customer helpline did not work.  

The family then ventured to the next closest port, which was also faulty. 

Bala’s truck eventually died, causing him to have it towed to a local Ford dealer.  

Bala and his family were forced to rent a gas-powered car for the remainder of his trip. 

Ford responded to this story by saying that “this customer’s experience highlights the urgent need to rapidly improve access to public charging across the US and Canada. Ford’s EV-certified dealers will install public-facing DC fast chargers at their dealerships by early 2024, providing alternative charging options to those available today. Ford was also the first in the industry to gain access to over 12,000 Tesla Superchargers for Ford drivers.”

America is not ready to convert to electric vehicles

In some Democrat-controlled states like California, new gasoline-powered vehicles will not be available for purchase in the coming years. 

Additionally, some major automotive companies are phasing out gas-powered vehicles as well, meaning that consumers will have more options when it comes to electric vehicles in the near future. 

But as Dalbir Bala’s story shows, electric vehicles have some very serious and concerning limitations, which must be addressed before gas-powered vehicles are phased out. 

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