Pete Buttigieg is shaking with fear over this major travel meltdown

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From day one, the Biden administration has made one critical mistake after another. 

Instead of running the country, Joe Biden and his allies are far more interested in advancing the agenda of the far-Left. 

But Pete Buttigieg is shaking with fear over this major travel meltdown. 

Pete Buttigieg is the poster child of Joe Biden’s failed administration

In previous administrations, the Secretary of Transportation was often overlooked and played a comparatively small role in the daily function of the federal government. 

Simply putting an individual with relevant experience into this role is usually enough to handle America’s transportation issues. 

However, instead of finding a qualified individual for the job, Joe Biden appointed Pete Buttigieg, who has absolutely no meaningful experience in the transportation field. 

And the results have been devastating.  

Highly toxic train derailments are the norm, and earlier this year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  issued the first ground stoppage since the attacks on 9/11 due to a glitch in the computer system.

On Tuesday, Southwest Airlines reported a similar “technical issue” that caused over 1,700 flights to be delayed. 

At roughly 10 AM, Southwest Airlines tweeted that “as a result of the intermittent technology issues that we experienced, we should hopefully be resuming our operation as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we’re hoping to get everyone going ASAP.” 

About an hour later, the FAA tweeted that “this morning @SouthwestAir experienced a technical issue with one of their internal systems. At the airline’s request, the FAA paused Southwest’s departures as they resolved the issue. The pause has been lifted and their service has resumed.” 

This past December, thousands of predominantly Southwest flights were also delayed or canceled, which caused many to doubt the airline’s capabilities. 

Americans are wondering what role the FAA played in these issues, especially since Pete Buttigieg and the Department of Transportation pledged to work on them moving forward. 

As far as Joe Biden is concerned, he apparently has no idea what is going on and is certainly not taking responsibility for these repeated disasters. 

Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden are playing politics while Americans across the nation miss flights

1,700 delayed or canceled flights pose a major threat to the United States economy as well as the lives of millions of Americans who rely on dependable transportation for work and personal reasons. 

These issues highlight the importance of a merit-based system where individuals are chosen for positions based on their credentials and previous experience, not their demographic or political ties to the President. 

These failures by Pete Buttigieg highlight the rampant corruption and ineptitude within the Biden White House. 

Americans deserve to be led by people who actually know what they are doing. 

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