Pop star Avril Lavigne just destroyed a topless woke protester who jumped on stage during a show

Photo by Justin Higuchi, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Demonstrators interrupting events are nothing new.

But they’ve gotten more aggressive and less clothed in recent years.

And pop star Avril Lavigne just destroyed a topless woke protester who jumped on stage during a show.

Protestors representing various causes, usually on the Left, have tried to get their message out at entertainment and sporting events forever.

But they’ve gotten bolder over the years.

Half-naked, but fully woke

A half-naked, but fully woke protester who stormed the stage at the Canadian Juno Awards left pop star Avril Lavigne saying “What the Hell.”

The Juno Awards are Canada’s version of the Grammys. 

Lavigne, who has won multiple Junos herself, was on stage to introduce fellow Canadian artist AP Dhillon. 

Lavigne was intently listing Dhillon’s many accomplishments and paying tribute to his Punjabi heritage when things got “complicated” after a radical environmental activist decided to join her on stage.

Wearing only a pair of bright pink pants and pasties to cover at least parts of her body, the “green” activist stormed silently around the stage.

She flashed various activist slogans written on her body, such as “land back” and “save the green belt,” as she pranced around the stage. 

The “green belt” refers to an area of Ontario where developers are looking to build 50,000 new homes and encourage more industrial expansion.

“Land back” refers to giving land back to the native population, although no one is really certain exactly what it means or how far back to go to decide who gets what land. 

“Get the f*** off, b***h!”

At first, Lavigne ignored the topless trespasser interrupting her.

But finally, after several minutes of the eco warrior’s ironic trespassing, Lavigne had had enough.

The singer turned to the woman and yelled “get the f*** off!” 

Laughing, Lavigne then said to “get the f*** off, b***h!” 

There have even been some reports that Lavigne touched the unnamed protester’s breast before she was escorted off the stage.

Later in the program, Lavigne came back on stage once again to accept the Fan Choice Award.

Throughout her acceptance speech, the protester seemed to be right there with her, at least in spirit.

“Nobody try anything this time,” Lavigne jokingly warned, “or the Canadian’s gonna come out in me, and I’ll f*** a b**** up.” 

The host of the show, Simu Liu, first congratulated Lavigne for “handling that topless lady like a champion” before apologizing to the audience “for the boobs.”

Lavigne first rose to the top of the charts with the pop hits Complicated, Sk8er Boi, and Girlfriend in the early 2000s.

She received several Grammy nominations as a result. 

However, after she contracted Lyme disease around her 30th birthday in 2014, she put her career on pause while she recovered. 

Then, in 2019, she released the album Head Above Water, named after a prayer Lavigne uttered when she felt like she was drowning as the disease destroyed her lungs.

But the singer is back.

And she has certainly maintained her sense of humor.

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