Popeyes learned the hard way what happens when you mess with a woman’s biscuit

Photo by Willis Lam , CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

There’s usually one issue that everyone is willing to go to jail over. 

But for one woman, the issue she’s willing to go to jail over is a buttered glazed biscuit. 

And Popeyes learned the hard way what happens when you mess with a woman’s biscuit.

We all have our limits

Everyone has a line that they’re willing to cross when it comes to breaking the law. 

Like St. Thomas Aquinas once enumerated nearly 800 years ago, an unjust law should not be followed. 

Now what is a just and unjust law has been debated for centuries, but people on a daily basis weigh the pros and cons of breaking the law for a just cause. 

So for many people, if they knew that their child was being raped, they would go and eradicate the child rapist from this world. 

And we see this all the time with fathers relieving society of their child’s rapist without regretting any of the consequences that follow. 

For others, the issue they’re willing to fight and go to jail over is bodily autonomy. 

During COVID, we saw people getting arrested for being at a playground with their children and even judges threatening to throw people on probation in jail for not getting the jab. 

But of all the reasons to end up in jail,  there are very few people who are willing to face the legal system over a buttered biscuit. 

Popeyes can make you a felon

Now we all know that Popeyes has some bomb chicken, but their biscuits are even better. 

People have ranted for years online about the deliciousness of their biscuit and the craze that they have for it. 

But up until now, no one has ever heard about someone willing to go to jail over a biscuit from Popeyes.

However, a Georgia woman named Belinda H. Miller wanted her biscuit. 

But to her demise, she didn’t find any biscuits in her bag of food. 

And that’s when all hell broke loose, as Miller became irate and started to demand her biscuits. 

The workers then noticed their mistake and gave the fuming customer what she was demanding. 

But the woman was so angry with the fast food southern chicken chain that she rammed her SUV into the building. 

When she crashed into the store, she hit an 18 year old worker. 

But Miller didn’t stop there with her biscuit rampage. 

The SUV continued to ram into the store until it came to a stop after getting debris stuck in front of the vehicle.

Miller then fled the scene with her biscuits and her nearly totaled SUV. 

She was ultimately arrested and charged with first-degree criminal damage to property and aggravated assault by police in Richmond County, Georgia. 

There’s a moral to this story.

If you catch a woman on a bad day and forget her buttered biscuits, you better flee for your life. 

Would you risk it all over a biscuit?