President Biden is sending your tax dollars to Africa and you’ll be seeing red when you find out why

President Joe Biden has squandered billions of dollars here in the United States. 

But he’s also wasting your tax dollars overseas. 

And you’ll be seeing red when you find out what he’s spending American’s hard-earned money on in Africa. 

Is the U.S. economy a priority to the Biden administration?

Americans are struggling to make ends meet under Joe Biden’s Presidency. 

Thanks to President Biden, American workers are facing a recession, four-decade high inflation and record-high gas prices. 

Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues to prioritize “Queer Theory.” 

He is insistent that kids should be taught about gay sex and endless gender options in elementary school. 

And he even wants puberty blockers and gender mutilation available for minors. 

And now the President is taking his drag show on the road. 

Biden misses the rain down in Africa

Now the Biden White House is awarding a $300,000 grant to a group to travel to Africa and “boost LGBTQ acceptance” in Botswana. 

The grant from Biden’s State Department comes at U.S. taxpayer expense. 

The organization has yet to be selected. 

But once it is, the group is expected to use the $300,000 to promote gay and transgender “social acceptance” in Botswana.

To do that, the selected educational institution will spend up to 18 months in Botswana, building “support networks and organizations.”

Another talking point for the GOP

Republicans are jumping to point out this abuse in stewardship of America tax dollars, including GOP House Committee on Foreign Affairs member Rep. Greg Stube of Florida.       

“With the Biden Administration’s track record of wasteful, woke spending domestically, it shouldn’t surprise us that this Administration is using our taxpayer dollars to spread wokeness abroad too,” the Sunshine State Representative said. “The grant’s language smacks of hostility towards certain religious groups, which is un-American. It’s truly repulsing that the Biden Administration considers foreign LGBTQI+ initiatives necessary when we have so many pressing issues facing Americans here and abroad.”

The deadline to apply for the grant is August 21. 

Biden’s staff will then need time to browse the grant request proposals before making a decision. 

Then it will take time for the money to be issued and for the organization to plan its trip and activities in Africa. 

So, the LGBT community of Botswana will be waiting a while yet. 

Africa’s history of LGBT acceptance

Gay sex was illegal in the southern African country of Botswana until 2019. 

One of the missions of the $300,000 grant recipient will be to spread the word that gay sex is legal to the 2.3 million residents of Botswana. 

The Botswana government has not responded as to how it feels about the U.S. government “boosting LGBTQ acceptance” in their country. 

The timing for this grant is odd considering President Biden just declared monkeypox a national emergency here in the states. 

Monkeypox originated in Africa. 

And according to the World Health Organization’s own numbers, 98% of verified monkeypox cases came from men having sex with men.

Should the U.S. taxpayers pay to advance LGBT acceptance in Africa?