President Biden’s latest policy may kill any Democrat hopes of surviving the Midterms

President Joe Biden needs Democrats to keep their majorities in the House and Senate this November. 

Otherwise, his radical woke agenda will stall for the next two years – in what could be his final two years in the White House. 

But Biden’s latest policy may kill any Democrat hopes of surviving the Midterms. 

Biden following the California plan

Blame California. 

The Golden State is often the laboratory creating the Frankenstein’s Monsters of radically woke policies – especially “green” policies. 

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom of California recently announced the state has adopted new rules banning the sale of new gasoline-powered cars and light trucks by 2035.

Unelected Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul of New York has already signaled the Empire State will follow California’s lead. 

Washington, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Vermont are all also expected to install similar regulations. 

And now, even President Joe Biden is taking his cue from Newsom. 

Biden has said he is implementing a strategy to eliminate gas-powered cars in favor of ridiculously expensive electric vehicles. 

And more immediately, the President is also putting together a plan to tighten mileage standards for vehicles built as early as next year.

But with record-high gas prices – and the price at the pump starting to climb again – will voters be revved up for Biden’s policy plans? 

The fate of the Democrat Party’s majorities in the House and Senate this November could hinge on that answer. 

According to the results from a new Trafalgar survey, Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Schumer, and the rest of the Democrat Party aren’t going to like that answer.

Voters want more gas and oil production instead

The survey asked respondents, “What do you believe is most likely to provide America with reliable, long-term energy independence?”

The choices were: Increase domestic oil and gas production; focus new energy investment on renewables like solar and wind; build additional nuclear power plants; eliminate gas-powered cars and move to electric; all of the above; and none of the above. 

The plurality of voters, 40.6%, went with increasing U.S. fossil fuel production as the best and fastest way to regain the energy independence status America enjoyed under President Donald Trump. 

As for Biden’s strategy of eliminating gas-powered automobiles – only 1.5% of respondents gave that answer. 

That’s not a typo – it’s not 15% – it’s 1.5%. 

Surely, most Democrats favor Biden’s plan, right? 

Nope, only 3% of Democrat respondents favored ditching the gas-guzzlers for EVs. 

Not surprisingly, not a single Republican respondent back’s Biden’s policy. 

But what about those independents in the middle? 

1.7% of independents believe the Newsom/Biden approach is the best way forward. 

Again, a plurality of independents, 32% say increasing oil and gas production here at home is the way to go. 

We will see on November 8 if Biden’s energy policy impacts the Midterm elections and determines who comes away with control of Congress. 

Which policy would best result in American energy independence?