Press reports claim Donald Trump traveled to Washington, D.C. for an indictment. Then Trump revealed the real reason

Donald Trump can’t go anywhere without the corporate-controlled media reporting on it.

So when he made a surprise visit to Washington, D.C. this week, speculation ran wild in the Fake News Media.

But after rumors spread of his indictment, Trump revealed the real reason for his visit.

Trump shows up in Washington, D.C. in golf shoes – clearly showing he is about to get indicted

The shadow of a crooked federal probe is following Donald Trump everywhere these days.

In August, his home at Mar-a-Lago was raided by dozens of FBI agents.

Trump is now fighting to prove his innocence and the media is quick to convict him without a trial.

The Daily Beast led with the headline, “Donald Trump still in golf shoes flies unannounced back into DC, but why?”

Newsweek chimed in with, “Donald Trump’s surprise visit to Washington D.C. sparks arrest speculation.”

Lindi Li, a Democratic National Committee member, gave her thoughts on a possible Trump arrest, “Trump is in DC 57 days before the election. Which is right around the DOJ’s alleged 60-day threshold for ‘election year sensitivities.’ So, if the theories of indictment hold true, this would be perfect timing.”

Bradley Moss, a national security lawyer decried the rumors explaining, “Trump is not in DC because of a sealed indictment. Don’t be ridiculous.”

Walter Reed forced to give a statement in response to inquiries about Trump’s health

Some went beyond the arrest allegations and speculated about President Trump’s health.

This led Walter Reed to receive many requests for comment.

Walter Reed issued the statement, “Out of respect for all of our patients’ privacy, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s policy is that we do not provide patient information.”

Allison Gill, an influential podcaster on the Left, thought medical issues were not likely tweeting, “If he were going to the hospital, he would go to the nearest hospital and receive treatment there. The government reimburses the hospital when government folk need emergency treatment.”

Theories quashed by Trump appearance golfing at his D.C. resort

After a morning of guesswork and conspiracy theories by the Left, Donald Trump was finally pictured golfing at Trump National Golf Club.

Trump later responded on Truth Social stating, “Working today at @TrumpWashingtonDC on the Potomac River. What an incredible place. What an incredible place!”

Along with his post, he shared a link to the course, which is likely for promotional purposes.

Trump’s been fighting a litany of falsely framed headlines and attacks from the legacy media due to the FBI’s unprecedented raid on his home. 

Trump team calls Mar-a-Lago raid a “document storage dispute that has spiraled out of control”

The timing of his Washington, D.C. visit lined up with the reporting of the DOJ appeal against his request for a special master in the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Trump’s legal team responded to the appeal asserting, “In what at its core is a document storage dispute that has spiraled out of control, the Government wrongfully seeks to criminalize the possession by the 45th President of his own Presidential and personal records.”

Trump later shared an article by the American Thinker praising it as, “a must read by everyone.”

The article was entitled, “The DOJ argues that the intelligence community overrides the judiciary.”

After six years of “the walls are closing in on Trump,” you would think they would find a new narrative to push.

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