Prince Andrew is in hiding after this bombshell documentary went public

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When it comes to tension within the Royal Family, most people are quick to identify Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markel as the source of the problem. 

But most royal experts will tell you that the disgraced Prince Andrew is far more damaging to the esteemed family. 

And Prince Andrew is in hiding after this bombshell documentary went public. 

Prince Andrew’s dubious involvement with Jeffrey Epstein has forever tarnished the British Royal Family

In 2019, the world was astonished when the horrifying details of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring were made public.

Many believed that Epstein was up to no good, however, the breadth and scope of his sinister crimes were completely mind-boggling. 

Even more shocking were the number of high-profile celebrities and public figures who were allegedly involved in Epstein’s sex trafficking schemes. 

Among these are Andrew, Duke of York, who has been a public figure since his birth.  

Andrew is the eldest brother of King Charles III, and prior to the birth of Charles’ son, William, he served as the next in line for the British throne. 

Just recently, A&E released a docu series titled Secrets of Prince Andrew, which dives into the details of his relationship to Jeffrey Epstein and other shady individuals. 

This docu series once again brings Andrew’s tarnished reputation into the public spotlight, causing widespread outrage, anger, and disappointment. 

To Di for Daily podcast host Kinsey Schofield is among those speaking out about the groundbreaking docu series and the impact it could have on the Royal Family. 

Schofield pointed out that Prince Andrew has spent some time with King Charles lately, noting that “this could be King Charles’ soft heart on display — giving Prince Andrew and Fergie a bit of peace while she recovers from a breast cancer scare.”

She went on to say “I don’t think the King has much patience for Andrew,” before adding that “they have never been necessarily close. Had Andrew’s behavior not been so destructive towards the royal brand, his Majesty might even enjoy watching his gregarious younger brother be publicly humbled.”

Regardless of how much time the Duke of York is spending with his brother, Andrew’s reputation has forever been damaged. 

The damage done by Prince Andrew could completely change how the Royal Family operates moving forward

It almost goes without saying that Andrew’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein has caused the general public to sour on him in a major way. 

Andrew’s woes have caused many in Britain to question the purpose of the monarchy, especially the purpose of the extended Royal Family. 

Efforts have been taken in recent years, both by the late Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III, to slim down the monarchy, presumably to prevent horrifying episodes like this one from happening in the future. 

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