Prince Harry is in a state of disbelief after facing this backlash

Mark Jones, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

As you read this, military members are risking their lives to protect the United States and everything that makes this nation great. 

Many have paid the ultimate price for freedom with their lives. 

And Prince Harry is in a state of disbelief after facing this backlash. 

Backlash is mounting over Prince Harry’s latest award 

Any veteran will tell you that freedom is not free.  

Protecting America and the American way of life comes at a great cost. 

Although the story of every lost American soldier touches the soul, the story of Pat Tillman especially demonstrates a courageous young man who put his personal endeavors aside to protect America. 

Pat Tillman could have played professional football.

He could have made millions playing a game that he loves, dodging opponents rather than bullets. 

Instead, he fulfilled his sacred duty to serve America and lost his life along the way.

In an attempt to commemorate his legendary sacrifice to America, ESPN helped to create the Pat Tillman Award for Service, which the sports network awards every year at the ESPY Awards. 

This year, rather than present the award to somebody who has sacrificed for their country and loved ones, ESPN gave the award to Prince Harry, who has spent his life bouncing from yacht to yacht, palace to palace.

More specifically, Prince Harry won this year’s Pat Tillman Award for Service, which sent shockwaves across the globe. 

Few can deny that Harry has lived a tumultuous life.

He’s always had to cope with the limelight, not to mention the death of his mother, Princess Diana, when he was just 12 years old. 

Additionally, Harry served in the British Royal Army and saw some action in the Middle East. 

Following the blowback he received from his controversial interviews and book releases, Harry left England to pursue a life with his wife Meghan Markle. 

Although Harry has put aside his royal obligations, he still lives a very lavish lifestyle.

He mingles with only the most elite figures of Hollywood in his Southern California mansion. 

Without a doubt, Harry has done some good work for veterans.

However, many feel outraged that ESPN would compare him to the legendary American hero Pat Tillman. 

Prince Harry has routinely put himself above his country 

Although being a British royal seems like a dream come true, it often involves a lot of backbreaking work. 

They attend countless public, military, and charitable events as the British Royal Family. 

But Harry decided to run away to California with his controversial wife for a life of comfort and ease. 

Few would agree that he embodies the spirit of Pat Tillman, who gave up a millionaire lifestyle to protect America. 

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