Prince Harry was left speechless when he saw the results of this latest survey

It’s been a rough start to the new year for disgraced British Royal, Prince Harry.

First, he was caught in a major lie on TV.

And now Prince Harry has been left speechless by the results of this latest survey.

It turns out spending months and years jet setting around the globe with your Hollywood actress wife while complaining about how bad your life is doesn’t work out too well.

And after months of complaining to the world about their victimhood while at the same time putting out previews, book leaks, accusations, complaints, threats, bitterness against his own family Prince Harry is finding that out.

He and his woke wife Meghan have done themselves irreparable damage with the British public, according to a new poll released just after the new year.

The poll of more than 1,600 adults between January 5 and 6, reveals the Duke’s favorability now sits at a record low -38.

And his woke spouse, former B list actress and now Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle fares even worse at -42.

Their popularity has sunk to an all-time record low for Royal Family members largely due to the non-stop controversies surrounding the troubled Royals, according to data analyzed by YouGov and reported by the Evening Standard.

Almost two-thirds (64 percent) of Britons have a negative view of Prince Harry, a 6-point increase since May of last year.

And just a quarter (26 percent) of British citizens see Harry in a positive light, according to the YouGov poll.

The new poll numbers come just ahead of the release of Harry’s new “tell-all” book Spare, which has caused an uproar following claims the Prince of Wales physically attacked him. 

Harry’s book also reports on such things as how he lost his virginity in a paddock behind a pub to a much older woman who “treated him like a young stallion.”

The book also portrays how he personally killed 25 Taliban combatants during the Afghanistan war, while also revealing recounting how he did cocaine and took magic mushrooms, according to a Breitbart News report.

The book leaks are not the only thing hurting Harry. 

It seems anytime he speaks he puts his royal foot in his mouth. 

And the whining of the woke Duchess is even worse.

In television interviews, Harry has claimed he is “not texting” his brother, described the Queen Consort as “the villain” and attacked “family members” for a “really horrible reaction” when the Queen died. 

He went on to whine that the Royal Family’s reaction stopped him from being able to properly mourn her passing.

He recently spoke to ITV host Tom Bradby and denied he and Meghan called the Royals racist during their Oprah Winfrey show appearance last year.

But he then accused his family of “getting into bed with the devil.”

Such whining, complaining and baseless attacks have helped drive Harry’s favorability among Britons to its all-time low. 

Both he and Meghan are seen as portraying themselves as helpless victims of a Royal Family determined to hurt them.

It turns out the average person, struggling to make ends meet, doesn’t really want to hear how helpless and downtrodden the rotten Royals are.

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