Prince Harry went too far by attacking The King and Americans are furious

Disgraced Royal bad boy Prince Harry is selling a book.

Now he’s making the talk show rounds promoting his story.

But Prince Harry went too far by attacking The King and Americans are furious.

Prince Harry is no stranger to controversy.

He and his infamous American wife Meghan Markle have caused quite a stir around the world with their attacks on the British Royal Family.

And they have worked hard to make sure everyone knows just how woke they are.

Apparently they haven’t received the message that the American public will put up with only so much from pampered British elites.

But that is about to be made perfectly clear to the American residents.

It seems Prince Harry was unimpressed with The King of Rock n’ Roll’s historic home, according to his recently released memoir.

In his new autobiography, Spare, Prince Harry explains being unimpressed with Graceland, the former home of the late Elvis Presley.

Elvis lived at Graceland from 1957 until his death August 16, 1977.

And that’s why Graceland is, of course, a mecca to millions of Elvis fans not just in the U.S., but from around the world.

But Prince Harry doesn’t like it.

“People variously called the house a castle, a mansion, a palace. But it reminded me of the badger sett,” Prince Harry wrote in his much-anticipated book. 

He continued, “Dark, claustrophobic. I walked around saying, ‘The King lived here, you say? Really?’”

But that’s not all, in the book, Prince Harry wrote he believed whoever picked out the decor of the famous residence must have been on drugs.

Prince Harry quipped, “I stood in one tiny room with loud furniture and shag carpet and thought, ‘The King’s interior designer must have been on acid.’”

Graceland is hugely popular and among the most visited tourist attractions in the United States.

It attracts more than 600,000 visitors a year, and features some 200,000 square feet of entertainment space, restaurants, gift shops, and more. 

In fact, Graceland is the second most-visited house in the entire country, behind only the White House.

As of yet Prince Harry hasn’t attacked the White House, but given his radical leftist streak, it won’t be surprising when he attacks Ronald Reagan too.

The big question now is will Americans turn against the disgraced former Royals now that Harry has attacked an American icon like Elvis.

So far there has been no official response from Graceland, or from The King, who some believe still roams the earth, whether still alive, or in some ghostly form.

Prince Harry would do well to remember one of Elvis’ favorite quotes, “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes.” 

It is very evident Prince Harry has never walked in any man’s shoes, and his elitism very well could be his undoing. 

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