Questions surround socialist Stacey Abrams’ six-figure income from this mysterious corporation

She claims to be a socialist-leaning defender of the working class.

But she’s amassed a fortune worth millions.

And now questions surround socialist Stacey Abrams’ six-figure income from this mysterious corporation.

Georgia Democrat candidate for Governor, Stacey Abrams, has made some bizarre claims in the past.

Not the least of which is the claim that she is the real Governor of Georgia.

They “stole” the election

While Democrats deride Donald Trump and his supporters for being election “deniers,” they conveniently ignore Hillary Clinton’s claims of the 2016 election being stolen, and Stacey Abrams claims that not only was her election stolen, but that she is the actual Governor of Georgia.

Abrams also claims to be a spokesperson of the little people, the poor, the unfortunate, the working class.

This claim is as unrealistic and untrue as her claim to be Governor.

Because all the while Stacey Abrams is raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and has amassed a fortune worth millions of dollars.

And of that income, Abrams received more than $100,000 from a mysterious limited liability company that doesn’t appear to have any real presence outside of her financial disclosure form and corporate records, according to a Fox News Digital review.

I have a dream, and it pays well

Abrams’ financial disclosure form lists Dream Project Partners Inc. in multiple sections, including “statement of income” and “direct ownership interests in business entity.”

The radical leftist Georgia Democrat listed herself as a “Board Member and Shareholder” and recorded in the income section of her report that she received $50,000 in 2021 and $100,000 in 2022.

The financial form also points out she has no actual duties with Dream Project Partners Inc., and as for the corporation’s  “principal activity” description it is also vague.

“Developing a culturally competent technology platform for entrepreneurs,” the disclosure form says.

What does that even mean? 

One thing is certain. 

Stacey Abrams has no idea what it means.

Abrams, who promotes herself as a “Yale-trained tax attorney,” also disclosed her business relationships with several other limited liability companies.

Crime doesn’t pay, but communism does

She acts as a “managing member” of Davis Hall LLC, which until 2021 was named Sela Technologies LLC. 

Abrams lists this as her “personal office,” according to her disclosure forms.

The forms also show that Abrams is the owner of Hall Davis LLC, which deals with “general business” matters. 

The perennial candidate reports in her financial disclosure that she has more than a 5 percent ownership interest in both companies and that each one has a fair market value of more than $5,000.

It’s also worth reporting that Abrams’ net worth has drastically increased since her first run for Governor four years ago. 

Abrams is now worth more than $3.17 million, a significant jump from her reported $109,000 net worth before her foray into campaign politics.

Crime may not pay, but socialist politics clearly does.

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