Radical Democrats just proved they won’t stop pushing for this extreme proposal to upend the judiciary

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Donald Trump’s appointees to the Supreme Court have infuriated the radical Left.

Countless conservative victories on the Court have strengthened the Constitution and secured the right to life in America.

But radical Democrats just proved they won’t stop pushing for this extreme proposal to upend the judiciary.

Left-wing lawmakers are resuming their attacks on the Supreme Court

Democrats are angry that Trump had the chance to appoint three conservative Justices to the Supreme Court during his Presidency. Even though they knew this meant that there would be drastic changes,  they lost their collective minds when the Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Now the Left is attacking the Court every chance they get. Democrats are claiming the Court is  illegitimate, radical, and politicized. They also claim the Court turned into an “extreme” group who is taking away abortion rights and impacting the people’s right to vote.

Adam Schiff said that the Court is simply “pushing their reactionary partisan agenda” and it needs to be stopped. Cori Bush said that the Supreme Court “is issuing decisions that are harming people” in her district, which is why she is pushing back so hard.

But Democrats just announced their latest move to take over the Court.

Senator Ed Markey attacks the conservative Justices

Congressional Democrats have renewed calls to stack the Supreme Court with left-wing Justices to take back power in the judiciary. They view the recent Dobbs ruling as an attack and they are willing to do whatever it takes to legalize abortions nationwide.

Senator Ed Markey likened the Supreme Court to thieves in comments he made outside the Supreme Court earlier this week. He said that “when a bully steals your lunch money in the school yard, you have to do something about it, or else the bully will come back over and over again.”

Markey announced that Democrats “don’t have the luxury of waiting to see if the Court will issue radical rulings that shift the foundations of freedom under our feet.” That’s why he supports a measure that will expand the bench to 13 Justices. Otherwise, he says “the bully” will win.

The move has already received plenty of support from Democrats.

Democrats could make this happen if the 2024 election falls in their favor

Democrat Representative Hank Johnson from Georgia said that the Supreme Court is held by a “far-Right supermajority” who “threatens our rights, our democracy, and our planet.” He said that the only way to “restore our democracy” is to expand the number of seats on the Court and appoint left-wing Justices.

Planned Parenthood is backing the bill, and Brian Fallon, the executive director of Demand Justice, said that their involvement could be a “game changer.” He said that Planned Parenthood’s involvement could have “a huge ripple effect in terms of building support.”

The Democrats will face a hard battle to expand the Court in 2023, but if they manage to increase their numbers in Congress and hold the White House during the next election cycle, then it will move forward without any opposition.

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