Ram is butting into the EV revolution and truck guys are laughing out loud

The mad rush by automakers to join the electric vehicle craze is in itself maddening.

And nowhere is this becoming more evident than in the attempt to make electric trucks acceptable.

Now Ram is butting into the EV revolution and truck guys are laughing out loud.

There is one thing everyone can agree on, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are no longer the “wave of the future.”

The success in both hydrogen-powered vehicles and in the advances to gasoline-powered vehicles are leaving EVs in the dust.

But rather than pump the brakes on the EV revolution, Dodge has decided to join the herd with the announcement of their first electric pickup truck, the Ram 1500 Revolution.

And a revolution is exactly what Dodge is getting from its long-time truck customers. 

Head designer Ralph Gilles told Fox News Digital the Revolution has a “brutifal” design.  

It turns out that is code for ugly. 

And truck owners will be deflated by its futuristic, sleek design.

And while the exact specs aren’t yet available, Ram claims it’ll have a range better than its competitors of 400 miles. 

As one Ram 1500 truck owner told us, “I love that they tout that as if it were impressive. I transported horses across state 500 miles roundtrip and took 12 hours on one tank of gas. If I’d have had an electric truck, there’s no way I could’ve done that in a single day. These people are a joke.”

Those bad reviews are not slowing down the truck maker, however.

The Ram 1500 Revolution concept revealed at the all-important and fully woke Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a battery-powered production truck that’s set to go on sale in 2024.

Along with an all-electric drivetrain that Ram claims will deliver best-in-class performance, the full-size truck is loaded with a large number of unique features that are mainly designed to lure wary buyers.

Industry observers say many of these bells and whistles could also help Ram set the Revolution apart in the crowded EV pickup market.

Again, Ram has not yet released specifics on driving range, power, and towing capacity, but Ram’s CEO Mike Koval says it will be “pushing past what our competitors have announced.” 

Current EV pickup leader Chevrolet Silverado EV has estimated 754-horsepower, 400-mile and 10,000-pound ratings.

Additionally Ram hopes that a large host of bells and whistles will have potential buyers ignoring the growing list of problems with EVs (including growing evidence that EVs in the long run do far more damage to the environment).

The Revolution is loaded with things like three rows of seats, electro-chromatic glass roof with adjustable opaqueness, opposing coach-style “suicide” doors, and a fold-down rear wall that stretches the bed floor into the cabin.

However none of these things can make up for the limitations and problems being encountered by real truck owners with the new EVs.

Ram says their first EV truck aims to live up to its name. 

By that we assume they mean stubborn and hard-headed.

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