Randy Travis just weighed in on the Jason Aldean controversy and you won’t believe it

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The controversy over Jason Aldean’s Try That in a Small Town continues to rage.

More and more people are coming out in defense of his number-one song.

But now Randy Travis just weighed in on the Jason Aldean controversy and you won’t believe it.

Following the release of Jason Aldean’s official music video in July, Try That in a Small Town quickly became a hot topic of conversation around the country.

The Good, The Bad, and The Stupid

Aldean’s video earned a huge number of comments, ranging from good to bad to just downright stupid.

Celebrities, politicians, news anchors, and just about anyone else with an audience seemingly weighed in on the “controversy.”

Politicians like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis defended the song.

But now country legend Randy Travis and his wife Mary have weighed in – and they weren’t shy at all about their defense of Aldean.

Randy and Mary recently did an interview with Fox News Digital before a tribute concert in honor of the legend for Heroes and Friends

When the interview turned to discussion of Try That in a Small Town, the first couple of country royalty did not shy away from sharing their views on the controversial song.

“We live in a small town. We feel the same way.”

And if there was any doubt where the Travis family stood on the song, it was quickly put to rest.

“You know, when we heard the song, when we saw the video, our first inclination was, we live in a small town. We feel the same way. And we want the world to feel that way because we really do want to protect our country,” Mary said.

”There’s some things that have gotten sideways, and it’s not racial, and it’s not any of those things. It’s just where we want to be as a country and the things that established our country. Why is it so hard to believe that we’re going to protect our own? I mean, that’s what we do with our Armed Forces. That’s what we do with our family. If somebody storms in your front door and threatens your wife or your children, what do you do?”

Randy Travis struggles to speak due to a stroke he suffered in 2013.

Mary speaks for him most of the time, but he nodded enthusiastically during her comments and made it clear that he agrees with where she stands on the issue. 

Mary also brought up another valid point about the controversy surrounding the location of Aldean’s music video.

“As far as the particular courthouse or whatever, any courthouse in the United States of America that’s been around a while, something happened there. And so just to go and pick a courthouse and then identify, ‘well, that happened there,’ you could go to any courthouse across the country and find something you didn’t like going on there,” she pointed out.

While the radical Left continues to attack Aldean, real Americans are weighing in and they are overwhelmingly supportive of the country star.

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