Republican lawmakers just issued a warning to corporations about pushing the woke agenda

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Pride Month is here and the woke corporations are lining up to push the LGBTQ agenda on consumers.

This year’s Pride Month follows a politically-charged backlash against Bud Light and Target.

And Republican lawmakers just issued a warning to corporations about pushing the woke agenda.

Senator Kennedy: Brains the size of a “single-celled organism”

Bud Light and Target are shining examples of what can happen when a corporation mixes their marketing with politics. Bud Light experienced a record decline in sales heading into the summer and Target’s stock dropped by billions of dollars.

While many people have expected the consumer backlash to wane, it has only grown and is now impacting the decisions of other companies. On the first day of Pride Month, Republicans lined up to give their perspective on the woke move by Bud Light and Target.

Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, quipped that “those fine American companies” should prove that they have CEOs with “brains above a single-celled organism.” The only way to prove that is leaving politics and ideological agendas out of their marketing.

Senator Marco Rubio focused on the overt effort by these companies to “sexualize children.”

Rubio: People will “draw the line” on woke corporations that are “focusing on children”

In comments to Fox News Digital, Rubio said that he does believe “to some extent companies have the freedom to say whatever they want,” but warned that “consumers are going to react.” He said that Target was a particularly big deal because you were dealing with families who shop in the store.

Rubio said it was obvious that LGBTQ activists are using “the power of corporations” to “ram it down people’s throats,” before adding that it’s clearly “aimed at children.” He questioned why “this obsession with focusing on children, marketing products to children, entertainment to children.”

He said trying to “celebrate” transgenderism and “things of that nature” in children will get a “very strong reaction.” Rubio said he believes people will continue to “draw the line” against these actions and not support these companies.

Senator Ron Johnson took even more of a straightforward approach.

Johnson said that businesses should “concentrate on what your business does”

“I hope other companies are noticing what happens to businesses that don’t focus on their products and services and their customers,” Johnson told Fox News Digital. He said that companies pushing woke social issues are “not working on behalf of the shareholders.”

“As a business, concentrate on what your business does. If it’s brewing beer and selling beer, concentrate on that. Don’t get involved in politics. Don’t get involved in these social issues,” he said, before adding that he wants “businesses to succeed.”

Johnson emphasized that the only way they will succeed “is by focusing on their customer service and their products. And that’s what they need to do. So hopefully, they will learn this lesson.” He said that he was amazed that the Bud Light effect took a hit on Target. And it’s possible that it will continue.

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