RFK just killed his chance to win over Republican voters with this horrific take on abortion

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (RFK) is growing stronger in the polls and both parties are taking notice.

Multiple polls show that Kennedy’s anti-establishment perspective is appealing to Trump voters.

But RFK just killed his chance to win over Republican voters with this horrific take on abortion.

Polling data shows just how damaging RFK could be in the upcoming election

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are vying for the top position as we edge closer to the November election.

A recent poll by Marist suggests that Biden is leading Trump nationally by three points.

But when pollsters focus on key battleground states, Trump carries the majority of them.

According to a Times/Siena poll, Trump is expected to receive support from nearly 50 percent of registered voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

Biden is falling near the 40 percent mark in the coveted swing states.

But when considering Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the race seems to be edging in favor of Biden.

Marist shows Kennedy pulling 14 percent in a multi-candidate scenario.

This would likely bring Trump down to 38 percent compared to Biden’s 43 percent.

But Kennedy may have just screwed everything up for himself.

Kennedy: Abortions should be available “even if it’s full term”

Kennedy may have just killed his chances of attracting Trump voters after an interview on The Sage Steele Show.

In the interview, Steele pushed him to explain his stance on abortion.

And Kennedy’s response is a reminder of just how far Left he is on the political spectrum.

“I wouldn’t leave it to the states,” he said, before adding that the decision is a personal one.

“We should leave it to the woman. We shouldn’t have the government involved,” Kennedy continued.

Steele pressed the issue further by asking, “even if it’s full term?”

“Even if it’s full term,” Kennedy responded.

“I think we have to leave it to the woman, not the state, there are always extenuating circumstances that would make a mother make that kind of choice,” he said.

“I think ultimately, we have to trust women,” Kennedy finished.

This is a reversal of Kennedy’s previous stance that abortions should be limited to 15 to 21 weeks.

Kennedy campaign goes into damage control over the weekend

It didn’t take long for Kennedy’s comments to go viral on social media.

Now it appears he’s changing his mind again.

Latching on to what he calls “an emerging consensus,” Kennedy chose to clarify his statement.

“Abortion should be legal up until a certain number of weeks, and restricted thereafter,” he said.

“I believe that point should be when the baby is viable outside the womb,” he continued, before adding that he would, “Allow appropriate restrictions on abortion in the final months of pregnancy.”

The Independent said he believes that there is “more to it” than just making a decision.

“We should be looking at why there are so many abortions in the first place,” he said, citing “affordability” issues.

This revised perspective won’t likely sway many conservative voters, who are skeptical about Kennedy.

Kennedy has already killed his chance to get more Republicans on his side.

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