RINO Governor Mike DeWine is pulling out all the stops to save Joe Biden from embarrassment

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One of the most impactful things of Trump’s Presidency was exposing all the treacherous RINOs in office.

But now it’s looking like Trump is heading for a second term and there’s going to be a total meltdown.

And RINO Governor Mike DeWine is pulling out all the stops to save Joe Biden from embarrassment.

RINO DeWine: It is “unacceptable” for Biden to not be on the ballot in Ohio

Joe Biden was elected in 2020 even though he lost the state of Ohio. 

It was the first time that a Presidential candidate had achieved this since 1960. 

The Biden campaign seemingly wants to try it again this year since they put themselves in an impossible position to get the President on the ballot.

But RINO Governor Mike DeWine is stepping in to save Biden from embarrassment. 

DeWine called for a special session of the state legislature to remedy the situation. 

The Governor called the situation “simply unacceptable” and cited the House’s failure to take action on their own. 

While DeWine was trying to fix Biden’s problem, conservatives were enjoying the moment. 

Conservative influencer Rogan O’Handley called DeWine a “coward.”

“Democrats are filing lawsuits and indicting Trump to keep him off state ballots and this guy is calling legislative session to get Biden *on* the ballot,” he wrote.

DNC rejects DeWine’s calls for special session and moves for “virtual roll call”

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose commented on the situation by saying that he had no choice but to enforce the laws. 

LaRose said that the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and the state legislature could fix the situation. 

But the DNC scheduled their convention after the deadline in Ohio for ballot registration. 

Without their nomination, it would be up to Joe Biden to have registered himself to be on the ballot. 

And the DNC didn’t want the Ohio legislature to pass a bill to remedy the situation because of campaign finance rules related to ballot measures. 

The DNC called it a “poison pill.” 

DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison said that they would “land this plane on [their] own.”

Now the DNC has announced that they will hold a “virtual roll call” to nominate Biden and avoid the awkward situation in Ohio. 

Republicans move ahead without Democrat support 

That didn’t stop the Republican-led legislature from passing the bill that changed the state’s ballot access rules. 

Democrats in the Ohio legislature rejected the bill by saying that “we don’t need your fix.” 

“We don’t want a legislative fix that holds the voters and their rights to the whim of the majority,” Democrat State Senator Bill DeMora said.

But the Republicans didn’t need support from their colleagues. 

Ohio state law now prohibits foreign contributions to ballot measure campaigns. 

Republican Senator Rob McColley called out Democrat lawmakers for their hypocrisy. 

“If we all agree that foreign election interference and foreign contributions into our elections is a problem, then why would somebody vote no on this bill?” he asked.

This whole situation shows just how inept the Democrat Party has become.

They can’t even get the sitting President on a ballot in the proper way.

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