RINO sellouts got the shock of their life when they heard this one game-changing ultimatum

Photo by Spartan7W, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

Establishment Republicans think they can get away with talking a big game on the campaign trail and then voting like Democrats once they get to Washington, D.C.

But not anymore.

And these RINO sellouts got the shock of their life when they heard this one game-changing ultimatum.

Pro-Swamp RINOs Joni Ernst (R-IA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) ranted and raved on the Senate floor about Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville slapping a hold on 376 of Joe Biden’s military promotions – some of whom are woke supporters of Critical Race Theory and gender identity – over Joe Biden’s illegal order to force taxpayers to fund travel for military personnel to obtain abortions.

Chuck Schumer could invoke cloture on each nominee and get 60 votes to end Tuberville’s hold, but that would take 30 hours of floor time per nominee and stop the Senate from passing Joe Biden’s agenda and confirming radical left-wing judges.

Ernst attacked Tuberville for keeping his hold on the nominees even after the RINOs tried bringing them up one by one.

“I really respect men of their word. I do not respect men who do not honor their word,” Ernst said, claiming that Tuberville told colleagues he would support bringing the nominees up one by one.

Tuberville said the Senate could vote on all the nominees if they brought them up for votes, but he never promised to lift his hold since doing so would eliminate his leverage to try and force Biden to drop his illegal taxpayer funded abortion tourism program.

Lindsey Graham lied about Tuberville and claimed that standing up to Joe Biden’s radical abortion on demand agenda amounted to an attack on the military.

“If this is the norm, who the hell wants to serve in the military when your promotion can be canned based on something you had nothing to do with?” Graham raged. “If this gets to be normal, God help the military because everyone of us could find some reason to object to the policy.”

Tuberville stood firm in the face of a Swamp smear campaign and told reporters that Joe Biden’s taxpayer funded abortion scheme was “illegal and immoral” and that he wouldn’t back down in the face of establishment bullying.

“This is a policy that is illegal and immoral,” Tuberville declared. “I support many of these nominees, and I agree that these are very important jobs, but we could have been voting on these nominees the entire nine months. I’m going to keep my holds in place. If Senators want to vote on these nominees one by one, I’m all in.” 

Steven Stafford, Tuberville’s communications director, fired off an email to Pro-Life groups telling them to mobilize their supporters to bombard RINO Senators’ office’s with calls telling them they would take a tough vote that would come back to haunt them in the Primary if they colluded with Democrats to bust through Senator Tuberville’s stand against Joe Biden’s taxpayer funding for abortion travel scheme.

“In my opinion it is imperative for all of the groups to make clear, in some words, that any Republican who votes for this will be primaried,” Stafford’s email read. “In my view, if enough mushy middle Republicans come out in opposition, then this is over. But they only need nine squishes. And they will get there if we don’t act.”

Stafford told POLITICO these were his private thoughts, but added that he didn’t disavow the idea of rallying Pro-Life activists to remind these RINOs that they all campaigned for office as defenders of the unborn.

“That was a private email to a small group of people I thought were my friends, I was giving my personal opinion,” Stafford said in a statement to POLITICO. ”It is not the opinion of Coach, it was not on behalf of Coach. He was not aware of the email, and I have apologized to him for that.”

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