RINOs just condemned unborn children to death in Arizona

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Conservative judges across the country have been making historic moves to protect the sanctity of life.

But activist groups and lawmakers are scrambling to protect their anti-life agenda in every state.

And RINOs just condemned unborn children to death in Arizona.

Arizona Supreme Court rules in favor of historical law protecting life

Last month, the Arizona Supreme Court reversed a ruling by a lower court that stopped an abortion bill from the 1800s from taking effect. 

The bill, which effectively outlawed abortion entirely in the state, had been revisited multiple times. 

In 2022, it was reaffirmed to restrict abortions after 15-weeks of gestation.

It was challenged by the abortion lobby, but the Supreme Court ultimately voted to uphold the law. 

That sent the radical Left into panic mode and they quickly started to recruit supporters to push back. 

Led by Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs, they began efforts to try to repeal the law.

Democrats introduced HB 2677 in the statehouse last week.

And now it appears that Democrats in Arizona are receiving the support from some unlikely lawmakers.  

RINOs show support for Democrat effort to repeal 15-week abortion ban

The Arizona House of Representatives, which is largely controlled by the Republican Party, passed the bill last Wednesday. 

The bill passed by a margin of four votes after being debated amongst lawmakers in the Republican Party. 

The bill is now heading for the Senate where it may be challenged. 

If enough RINOs join their colleagues in the House, then the bill will head to Hobbs for a signature.

Hobbs has been pushing to repeal the law for years and said that the latest effort is the “right thing” to do. 

The Governor wants to see abortions available to all Arizonans regardless of when the child was conceived. 

However, HB 2677 isn’t the last stop for abortion supporters in the state. 

No matter the outcome of the bill in the Senate, Arizona voters will decide on a Constitutional Amendment for abortion this November. 

Earlier this year, the nonprofit group Arizona for Abortion Access announced that they had enough signatures to bring about a ballot measure enshrining abortion as a Constitutional right.

Prominent Pro-Life activist calls for GOP to support unborn children in Arizona

The ballot measure, as proposed, would eliminate any potential restrictions placed on abortions in the state and allow them up until the moment of birth.

President of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, Marjorie Dannenfelser, has called the amendment “extreme” and urged their supporters to step up and fight it.

“After months of confusion, the people of Arizona will soon have clarity on the state’s abortion laws: a 15-week protection for the unborn,” she said in a statement. 

Dannenfelser said the abortion lobby will stop at nothing to ensure that these unborn children don’t get protection. 

“Between now and November, the far-Left and pro-abortion forces will spend tens of millions of dollars to muddy the waters,” Dannenfelser said.

“Their goal is to repeal Arizona’s 15-week abortion law and replace it with a Constitutional Amendment that would allow unlimited painful late-term abortions,” she warned.

Dannenfelser urged prominent voices like GOP Senate candidate Kari Lake to reverse their public statements and show support for the 15-week restriction.

Arizona is quickly heading in the wrong direction. 

Without support from prominent voices in the GOP, it could mean the death of millions of innocent lives.

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