Rising star Oliver Anthony made his political views clear after this strange theory surfaced

Screenshot via Youtube, Oliver Anthony Music

Oliver Anthony shook the American people with his hit song Rich Men North of Richmond.

He’s been a popular cultural topic for politicians and political commentators over the past few weeks.

But rising star Oliver Anthony just made his political views clear after this strange theory surfaced.

Artist who brought us Rich Men North of Richmond responds to Republican debate

Oliver Anthony became an American hero this month when his song Rich Men North of Richmond took top positions in multiple music charts. The song quickly gained mentions across the political spectrum from both pundits and politicians alike. Even some Democrats gave him an ovation.

Anthony was surprised to find out that Fox News used his song as a topic of discussion during the first Republican Primary debate last week. He said that it was “funny” to see the rich men North of Richmond using his song to attack each other on a public stage. 

He responded directly to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ assessment that the song was so popular because it highlighted the “American decline” that Joe Biden has brought upon our nation since he was elected. However, Anthony said that it “has nothing to do with Joe Biden.”

In fact, he said that it was “a lot bigger than Joe Biden” and was “disappointed” that it became political.

Anthony is trying to assure his audience that he isn’t a Biden supporter

After slamming Republicans for using his song, the mainstream media is trying to spin his disdain for the establishment GOP. “Corporate news (big surprise) is now trying to twist me into being a Biden supporter,” he wrote in a post on social media. 

“I. Don’t. Support. Either. Side. Politically. Not the left, not the right. I’m about supporting people and restoring local communities. Now, go breathe some fresh air and relax. Please? 🙂 I’m not worth obsessing over, I promise. Go spend time with your loved ones,” he urged his followers.

He said that he really wanted to quit being pushed into the political scene and that he had been “misinterpreted” by the media after he criticized the Republican lawmakers vying for the Presidential nomination. He said people need to understand what the song is really about.

Anthony said that the song is “bigger and broader” than one political figure or Party.

He says he’s tired of “corporate-owned” politicians in Washington, D.C. who forget about America

Rich Men North of Richmond is about corporate-owned D.C. politicians on both sides,” Anthony explained. It’s not like getting “Joe Biden out…would automatically solve all the problems. Biden is a big part of the issue, but it runs much deeper.”

The lyrics in the song “aren’t exclusively knocking Biden…it’s knocking the system collectively, including the corporate-owned conservative politicians that were on stage that night,” he added. He said that he was heartbroken over what has happened to his song since its release.

“I hate to see that being weaponized. I see the Right trying to characterize me as one of their own, and I see the Left trying to discredit me, I guess, in retaliation.” He clearly represents a distinct segment of the electorate who are tired of the elite political class taking all the gains while the rest of America suffers.

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