Robert F. Kennedy Jr is aiming to steal the hearts of this political segment and it could mean big problems for Joe Biden

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Joe Biden and the Democrats have countless reasons to be concerned about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

He is promising to blow up the Democrat Party and the administrative state in a very big way.

Now Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is aiming to steal the hearts of this political segment and it could mean big problems for Joe Biden.

Democrat leadership is outraged that Kennedy Jr. chose to speak at the Libertarian convention

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made an appearance this week at one of the highest-profile Libertarian events in the country. Kennedy took the opportunity to appeal to New Hampshire voters in Manchester and discuss how he will stand up for liberty-minded individuals as President.

Kennedy’s fellow Democrats were outraged by the decision to talk to the Libertarian group. Ahead of the appearance, the chairman of the New Hampshire Democrat Party, Ray Buckley, told Kennedy Jr. that the “extremists” who oppose “common-sense” gun control would ultimately support the Republican ticket.

“We respect your dedication to public service and your family’s irreplaceable role in the history of our Republic,” Buckley wrote in an open letter to Kennedy Jr. “However, we must express our serious disappointment and grave concerns about your planned participation in this event.”

Kennedy Jr. did not back down from speaking at the event and instead issued a strong rebuke of the “bosses.”

Kennedy Jr. blasted the Democrat Party

Kennedy Jr. said the Democrat Party was run by “bosses who promote censorship, who have stripped New Hampshire of its rightful First in Nation Primary status, who have shut down debate, [and] refuse to campaign in New Hampshire,” adding that they have “no position” to tell him who to talk to.

The Democrat Party has gone off the rails and Kennedy Jr. said that their “trend of ‘canceling’ anyone who appears at the wrong event or speaks with the wrong person is antithetical to the democratic ideal of debate and free exchange of ideas.” This will hurt the Party in the end.

Kennedy Jr. said there’s nothing the Democrat Party can stop him from doing and he chose to speak at Porcfest because he believes in “freedom, unity, healing the divide, and truth.” He said it’s time to “say no to cancel culture.”

The Democrat Party has been pushing Kennedy Jr. to the fray, but if they’re not careful, it could come back to haunt them.

Third-party candidate could pull voters from Biden and hand the election to Trump

Polling right now indicates that Biden would barely defeat Trump by a one-point margin in a theoretical match-up. But the same poll shows nine percent of people do not like Trump or Biden, with four percent remaining undecided.

Not only that, but pollsters believe Cornel West could pull 15 percent of black voters and 13 percent of voters under 35 as a third-party candidate. This could be detrimental to the Biden ticket and leave the President fighting for scraps.

Kennedy Jr. is polling well with Libertarian voters and is making an obvious effort to court them with an anti-establishment message. The proverbial walls are closing in on Joe Biden and his chances of keeping the Presidency are becoming less every day.

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