Robert F. Kennedy Jr. just vowed to fulfill one of Joe Biden’s many broken promises

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Even though Joe Biden has clearly lost mental acuity over the past few years, he’s been fortunate enough to surround himself with people who were able to help him over the finish line.

But some of the tactics Biden used could be coming back to haunt him.

And Robert F. Kennedy Jr. just vowed to fulfill one of Joe Biden’s many broken promises.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s appeal to young marijuana enthusiasts could leave Biden green with envy

Kennedy Jr. recently pledged to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level if elected President.

“The current situation with contradictory state + federal laws is absurd,” Kennedy Jr. wrote on Twitter. “States should be able to decide without federal interference.”

Kennedy Jr.’s tweet was in response to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ opposition to marijuana legalization.

During the 2020 Presidential campaign, Joe Biden vowed to decriminalize cannabis as well, but failed to deliver on that promise.

But this is just one of the promises Joe Biden broke after the campaign.

His student loan forgiveness plan was recently struck down by the Supreme Court.

All this comes as Democrat enthusiasm for four more years of Joe Biden is nowhere to be found.

Biden is hardly an electoral juggernaut

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. may be here to stay, as new polling shows how unenthusiastic Democrats are about re-electing Biden in 2024.

A recent Fox News poll showed Kennedy Jr. with a commanding 16% of the Democrat Primary vote, a sizable chunk for a challenger to a sitting President.

Another challenger, author Marianne Williamson, took 8% of the vote, while Biden took 62%, an anemic showing for an incumbent President.

While the Democratic National Committee announced it would not be hosting any debates for the 2024 cycle, the Biden team’s machinations to diminish and downplay the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary could prove to be a mistake.

If Biden fares poorly in either contest, chatter about his ability to win a General Election against his eventual Republican opponent will become more prevalent.

Additionally, with enough money and support, Kennedy Jr. could potentially mount an Independent campaign without the Democrat Party’s backing that could damage Biden’s re-election efforts.

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