Robert Kennedy Jr. just revealed the one hurdle he must overcome to defeat Joe Biden

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is taking the Democrat Party and the political establishment by storm.

Kennedy Jr. is promising to eradicate censorship and restore public faith in the political process.

And Robert Kennedy Jr. just revealed the one hurdle he must overcome to defeat Joe Biden.

The Democrat party should move away from “war…censorship…fear”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is trying to restore the Democrat Party’s image and hopes that he can save the Party from itself. He said that the Party is currently on “the wrong track” and he believes most Americans see it as “the Party of war, of censorship, [and] of fear.”

He said he believes that the Party “has brought the warmongering neocons into our foreign policy and turned our domestic policy over to Wall Street and large corporations.” Kennedy Jr. said that American families are struggling financially and that lawmakers need to recognize the dire situation for what it is.

“We’re living in a time when many Americans, 57 percent of Americans, can’t put their hands on $1,000 if their family has an emergency, where a quarter of Americans are hungry or malnourished, undernourished, and where the middle class is now collapsing in our country,” he said.

But Kennedy Jr. is optimistic about the country, the Democrat Party, and his prospects of beating Joe Biden.

The Democrat Party needs to “convince the public” that they “believe in democracy”

In a recent interview with Fox News, Kennedy Jr. was asked if he could beat Joe Biden in the Primary. “Yes, I can win,” he responded. He even suggested he could do better than beating Biden and cited his campaign’s private polling that shows “very strong support among Independents and even Republicans.”

He said that people need to see that “democracy works and the United States isn’t just like the Soviet Union, where the Party picks candidates and the public really doesn’t have a say,” before adding that the Democrats “need to be the Party of the New Deal, not the Rigged Deal.”

Kennedy said that the Democrat Party only has one hope and that is to “convince the public that we do believe in democracy. And that the public actually gets to choose candidates, get to meet them, see them debate, touch them, and participate in their own governance.”

The only way he can be successful in his campaign is if the DNC allows him to debate.

Kennedy Jr. believes evidence in JFK assassination is “overwhelming” and points one way

Though he is radical in his own right, it should be recognized that Kennedy Jr. is the only candidate on the Left who is pushing back against the Deep State bureaucrats in Washington.

In an interview with radio talk show host John Catsimatidis, Kennedy Jr. discussed the alleged murder of his uncle and former President, John F Kennedy. He went into detail about his father’s interest in investigating the case.

He said that Robert F. Kennedy Sr. questioned a CIA desk officer, a leader of the Cuban Bay of Pigs debacle, and the former head of the CIA, John McCone. He said that he asked them all the same thing, “did your people do this?”

Though the CIA has long disputed any allegations that implicate them in the assassination of JFK, Kennedy Jr. believes the evidence supports this theory. “There is overwhelming evidence that the CIA was involved in his murder,” he said, before adding that he believes it is “beyond a reasonable doubt at this point.”

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