Rolling Stone Magazine is fighting Ron DeSantis to allow children to participate in this strange fetish

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The state of American culture has most people confused about what is now socially acceptable.

Americans are told to accept and celebrate everyone’s sexual lifestyle.

But now Rolling Stone Magazine is fighting Ron DeSantis to allow children to participate in this strange fetish. 

Ron DeSantis bans children from attending drag shows in Florida

Conservatives have had enough of the woke indoctrination of kids and the push to normalize the transgender lifestyle in the classroom. That’s why politicians like Ron DeSantis are pushing back so hard on those who are trying to force these woke ideas on kids.

In a major hit to the LGBTQ agenda, Florida just passed a law prohibiting sexual exhibition of any kind to children. This law was crafted to protect kids by making it illegal for adults to bring them to overtly sexual performances like drag shows.

One of the groups impacted by this law might come as a surprise for most people—”furries.” Furries are people who dress up as animals and participate in conventions.

Many of these conventions are adult-themed, which means children are not allowed to attend.

Strangely enough, this is what Rolling Stone Magazine is attacking Ron DeSantis over.

Rolling Stone journalist defends “furrydom” and the “kink” that comes with it

After DeSantis signed the new Florida law, a furry convention known as Megaplex placed new restrictions on their event. They issued a statement that said  “for legal reasons and protection of our attendees, our venue, and the overall convention, Megaplex 2023 attendees must be 18 years of age.”

A journalist for Rolling Stone decided to break down the story herself. EJ Dickson decried Florida for taking “the pleasure out of many of life’s little joys, from drag brunches to Disney adult TikTok.” She warned that the “Protection of Children Act” seems to now be “bringing the ax down on furries.”

In her write-up, she wondered “what does a law about exposing kids to sexually charged content have to do with people dressing as cartoon bunnies and foxes?” But she then answered her own question by admitting that “it is true that there is a segment of furrydom that does treat it as kink.”

Her defense of the phenomenon drew widespread criticism after she shared her story on Twitter.

Dickson draws outrage on social media and deletes her original tweet

“This ‘journo’ is lying,” one Twitter user wrote. “DeSantis is not at war with furries. ‘Journos’ & furries are simply revealing they are upset they can’t share sexual kink/fetish with minors under the guise of ‘community’ anymore.”

Christina Pushaw, a political aide for Ron DeSantis, responded to the article by pointing out that the journalist obviously opposes the protection of children. Pushaw shared Dickson’s tweet with a comment that said “Rolling Stone’s writer who is mad that Florida doesn’t allow children to attend furry fetish conventions.”

“Imagine thinking ‘the other side won’t even let kids at the weird costume sex convention’ is an argument for your side,” another user wrote.

Dickson deleted the original tweet after it went viral on social media.

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