Ron DeSantis has Democrats seething with rage after his latest comments on immigration

When it comes to immigration, Democrats are completely off the deep end. 

Democrats believe that America should allow as many people as possible, documented or undocumented, into the nation with ease. 

But Ron DeSantis has the Left fuming after his recent comment on migration. 

Democrats’ insane plan for America’s future

Nobody is denying that America is a nation of immigrants who have come from every corner of the world to enjoy America’s free way of life.   

Having said that, the radical Left has gone completely off the deep end when it comes to immigration. 

Democrats believe that America should have open borders so that anybody can come into the nation without any resistance. 

It does not take a genius to figure out why that is such a stupid and dangerous idea. 

Fortunately, Ron DeSantis just put the radical Left in their place, and Democrats are fuming to say the very least. 

At an event in Miami recently, DeSantis argued, “The issue is, how does immigration serve the people of the United States and the national interest? We’re not globalists who believe that foreigners have a right to come into our country whenever they want to.”

He then added, “This idea of mass immigration, whether it’s illegal immigration, or whether it’s just mass immigration through the legal process — like the diversity lottery or chain migration — is not conducive to assimilating people into American society” 

Once again, Ron DeSantis hit the nail on the head. 

America doesn’t owe anything to anyone when it comes to immigration, and as it stands, mass immigration is likely not the best course of action for America. 

This is especially true given America’s failing economy at the hands of Joe Biden and his handlers. 

Why Democrats are so unhinged when it comes to immigration

At the end of the day, it is not hard to figure out why Democrats are so obsessed with allowing massive amounts of immigrants, typically illegal aliens, into America.

Democrats have made it their mission to accept immigrants from nations that are impoverished with the goal of making them reliant on the federal government through welfare programs. 

Once Democrats achieve this, then they believe they will solidify these immigrants as lifelong Democrat voters, which is all that matters to Democrat politicians. 

This explains why Democrats are so reluctant to do anything about the crisis at America’s southern border. 

The more the merrier is their philosophy, even if these economic migrants are causing severe problems for the communities they end up in. 

That is why Greg Abbott and Ron Desantis’ plan to bus illegal aliens to “sanctuary cities” like New York and Washington, D.C. is so genius. 

When it comes to Democrats, it is all fun and games until the problem lands on their front doorstep, and then supporting illegal immigration is not so woke anymore. 

America needs to get serious about illegal immigration and hold off on allowing legal migrants into the nation until things are sorted out domestically. 

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