Ron DeSantis is busting a gut over Disney’s latest woke failure

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made a name for himself by making bold moves to put the people of the Sunshine State above special interests. 

And one of the biggest special interests that have been on the receiving end of Gov. DeSantis’ intrepid action – Disney. 

Now DeSantis is getting the last laugh as Disney is the latest victim of “get woke, go broke.” 

Disney goes all-in on woke DEI propaganda

Pro-America movie, Top Gun: Maverick, is breaking records surpassing $900 million in revenue despite not airing in China – and could even top the once-unthinkable billion-dollar mark. However, Disney hasn’t been so lucky with their long-awaited summer blockbuster. 

Disney Pixar’s new animation, Lightyear, is a prequel of sorts to the Toy Story franchise, chronicling the Buzz Lightyear adventure that made young Andy ask Santa Claus for the action figure.  

Much to Disney’s chagrin – and Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida’s delight – Lightyear was a total flop in its first weekend at the box-office. 

Comedian Tim Allen is synonymous with the Buzz Lightyear character, voicing the Toy Story hero in all four movies, plus countless shorts, commercials, and even video games. 

However, Allen is center-right, and in Hollywood, that is an unforgivable sin. 

Therefore, Disney decided to go with woke actor Chris Evans as the voice of Buzz in place of Allen – causing a huge backlash. 

But that wasn’t Disney’s only woke sin in the making of Lightyear

The kiss seen around – well, parts – of the world

In the name of “inclusion” and as part of Disney’s now stated objective to “queer” it’s content – the original script called for a lesbian kiss in this kid’s movie. 

They pulled the inappropriate kissing scene when China complained. 

But that outrage sparked from the radical Left in America – who are normally right in line with the Communist Chinese Government – and Disney backed down yet again. 

The girl-on-girl make out session was added back into the family-friendly flick. 

This caused 14 countries, including the majority Muslim nations of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to ban the film. 

Disney learns the hard way – get woke, go broke

But the box-office numbers are proving once again, when a company gets woke, they soon after, go broke. 

The movie was projected to open to more than $75 million in North America and over $125 million globally over the weekend.

Not so much. 

In reality, Lightyear brought in a disappointing $51 million here stateside in its opening weekend. 

By comparison, the patriotic, feel good, Top Gun sequel hauled $160.5-million in the U.S. its debut weekend – more than three-times Lightyear’s take. 

However, Maverick broke records, so perhaps it’s not a fair comparison. 

The last Toy Story movie, Toy Story 4, in its first weekend in theaters brought in $70 million more than Lightyear

If you’re keeping track of the score, it’s now, DeSantis 3, Disney 0. 

Are you planning to watch Lightyear?