Ron DeSantis just delivered a devastating blow to the globalists

The globalists at the World Economic Forum have a plan.

They want to force their socialist ideology on the world through corporations.

But Ron DeSantis just delivered a devastating blow to the globalists.

World Economic Forum’s plan to control global Industry

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has been lurking in the shadows with the global corporate elite for decades.

Most Americans have a hard time seeing or understanding their influence.

One mechanism they use to control corporations is called ESG.

According to the WEF website, “ESG issues are increasingly impacting business. As social tensions and similar trends become more acute, these external social and environmental factors will become tangible financial costs for companies.”

The question is, do they buy what they are selling?

Short answer, no.

Tesla, one of the most impactful companies in green energy, was recently taken off the ESG.

Some might argue that it was due to accidents during autopilot mode.

Skeptics would say that Elon Musk’s recent interest in acquiring Twitter was the catalyst. 

Most Americans who are paying attention would fall on the latter.

You see, the ESG is really a company’s “social credit score.”

WEF just wants to control the behavior of said corporations.

In doing so, they control the citizens’ options in countries around the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing what’s right.

Only that you do what the WEF wants.

DeSantis rejects the values of Davos in favor of values of Destin

Ron DeSantis has been continuously pushing for freedom for Floridians.

He’s largely been standing up against policies by our own federal government.

Now DeSantis is standing up on the world stage.

According to the Florida state website, “Governor Ron DeSantis along with the fellow Trustees of the State Board of Administration passed a resolution directing the state of Florida’s funds managers to invest state funds in a manner that prioritizes the highest return on investment . . . without considering ideological agenda of the ESG movement.”

It really is impressive. 

You must hand it to these Davos folks.

They have convinced people in finance that ideology is better than profit.

Too bad their trick won’t work on the American people.

We want our dollars to make more dollars, not cents.

DeSantis will help in the long road to recovery of people’s retirement portfolios.

In turn he will be praised, once again, as America’s Governor.

DeSantis stated after signing the resolution, “I want to have the values not of Davos imposed on us but places like Destin and Dunedin where I grew up. Things like the World Economic Forum – those policies are dead on arrival in the state of Florida. We are not going to go down that road.”

Protecting Floridians against ESG Financial Fraud

This action taken by DeSantis isn’t the first step toward disabling the ESG.

In July DeSantis moved to protect people in his state by amending Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices statute to prohibit discriminatory practices by large financial institutions based on ESG social credit score metrics . . . Violations will be considered deceptive, and unfair trade practices will be punished according to the law.

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