Ron DeSantis just took the gloves off on Donald Trump for failing to deliver on this campaign promise from 2016

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Donald Trump is the clear front-runner in a large field of candidates for the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary.

That means Trump will have an all-too familiar target on his back during the race.

And Ron DeSantis just took the gloves off on Donald Trump for failing to deliver on this campaign promise from 2016.

DeSantis: Trump did not make good on his promise to “Drain the Swamp”

Donald Trump is the only person in recent memory who openly ran his campaign in 2016 as a shot at the Washington, D.C. establishment. Trump’s key phrases of the 2016 campaign were “lock her up” and “drain the Swamp.” 

Now Ron DeSantis is taking a shot at the former President for not living up to his most popular campaign promises to end corruption in Washington, D.C. In response to a question from a voter in New Hampshire about whether he would be able to “drain the Swamp,” DeSantis pointed to Trump’s inaction.

 “If I tell you something, I’m not just saying that for an election,” DeSantis said, before adding that “there are promises I could make that may help me marginally politically, that I don’t know if I could necessarily follow through on, so I will not make that.” He said he believes Trump was just trying to get people excited.

DeSantis went on to give his current assessment of Deep State activities in Washington, D.C.

DeSantis vows to “break the Swamp”

DeSantis said that Trump burned the messaging around “draining the Swamp.” Even after four years of Trump in the White House, DeSantis said the Swamp is “worse today than it’s ever been.”

“I remember these rallies in 2016. It was exciting,” DeSantis said. “‘DRAIN THE SWAMP!’ I also remember ‘Lock her up! Lock her up,’ then two weeks after the election, Trump said ‘oh forget about it. Forget I ever said that.’” 

He said that Trump’s failed promise is “a sad testament to the state of affairs in our country.” However, DeSantis said even if he could have been “successful at draining it, the next guy can just refill it.” DeSantis told the crowd that he wants to “break the Swamp – that’s what we need to do.”

DeSantis went on to give the crowd his reason why they should choose him over Trump.

Trump calls DeSantis a “part of the Swamp”

The Florida Governor said that he would keep every promise made, which is why people support him in his state. “We had a Red wave in Florida,” DeSantis said, before adding that his campaign could do it again across the country because he “delivered results in Florida.”

If elected, he promised to keep border policies at the top of his agenda. “We’re actually going to build the wall. A lot of politicians chirp. They make grandiose promises and then fail to deliver the actual results. The time for excuses is over. Now is the time to deliver results and finally get the job done.”

Trump has moved past the topic of immigration in most of his speeches. He delivered a competing speech at the opening of his New Hampshire campaign office. Trump promised to put an end to the political ruling class and said that DeSantis “can’t drain the Swamp” because he is “part of the Swamp.” 

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