Ron DeSantis’ latest push to remove a classroom distraction has the woke mob in an outrage

It seems Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis can’t so much as get out of bed in the morning without triggering the radical Left. 

But that hasn’t stopped him from moving onward making the Sunshine State a blueprint for every other state to follow. 

And DeSantis’ latest push to remove a classroom distraction has the woke mob in an outrage. 

Making education great again

In a short amount of time, Republican Ron DeSantis has done a large amount of good as Governor of Florida.

The high marks and rankings keep rolling in for the Republican Governor of the Sunshine State.

And improving education in Florida is one of DeSantis’ top priorities. 

Last September, The Sunshine State landed the top spot in the Heritage Foundation’s inaugural report card on education freedom in all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C.

The report evaluated states in a number of categories, including:  school choice policy, availability of alternative teacher certification, efficient use of taxpayer dollars, and access to curricula among parents.

“If sunlight is the best disinfectant, it’s no wonder why the Sunshine State is one of the freest states for teachers and children to pursue an education that is largely devoid of red tape,” Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts said. “Florida has led the way in expanding education choice, cutting red tape, and holding schools accountable to parents with academic transparency.”

In the libertarian Cato Institute’s similar report last year, Florida had the second highest marks in the entire country. 

America’s Governor’s glowing resume

DeSantis received a lot of attention for his Parental Choice in Education act.

Groomers on the Left labeled the law, “Don’t Say Gay,” despite that language being nowhere to be found in the legislation text.

What the bill actually did was bar instructors from teaching age-inappropriate sexual material in kindergarten through third grades.

It also had provisions requiring parental notification in the case of things like students changing their gender identity or getting pregnant.

DeSantis also recently increased teacher pay based on merit. 

And he launched an initiative to recruit teachers with real word experience in the subjects they’re teaching – including veterans. 

Recently, DeSantis also made changes to the state’s university system – resulting in new university system leadership vowing to remove Critical Race Theory teachings from state schools. 

No texting in class

But America’s Governor is not done improving education in his state just yet. 

“I think to myself, ‘Why are these kids on their phones during class all the time?’ I think a school district would be totally in their rights to say, ‘you know what, leave your phone in some cubby or something.’ Go sit in class. LEARN,” DeSantis said during a press conference. “Then if you want to get it during recess and text people, fine. But they should not be always on their phones being distracted from the lessons. So, I think that our school board will be able to lean in on some stuff too to buttress what we’re doing.”

But leave it for the radical Left to think removing distractions from the classroom is the mark of an evil dictator. 

DeSantis has the Left losing their collective minds

Professor of history and Italian studies at New York University, Ruth Ben-Ghiat tweeted and then deleted: 

“He is so dangerous in every way. Truly an authoritarian personality”

This is a woman who teaches children for a living. 

She followed up with another DeSantis derangement syndrome post. 

“It is not the phones, people,” Ben-Ghiat tweeted. “It is the arrogance of a man who wants to control everyone and everything: businesses, students, other poiticians (sic). He wants to dictate what you learn and read, how you train your employees, and much more.”

Again, this is the reaction to not wanting students texting during class time. 

Should smartphones be allowed in the classroom?