Ron DeSantis made one 2024 prediction that blindsided Donald Trump

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is not throwing in the towel on the GOP Presidential race.

DeSantis thinks he has an ace in the hole.

Ron DeSantis made one 2024 prediction that blindsided Donald Trump.

GOP Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis predicted victory in the Iowa Caucuses during a virtual meeting with the Virgin Islands.

DeSantis told attendees that voters in Iowa wouldn’t support establishment Republicans like Nikki Haley or Mike Pence and added that he was the only option because of his record as the Governor of Florida.

“They’re not going to vote for people like Pence and Haley. I respect them, they’re just not,” DeSantis stated. “They will vote for me because I have a record of being a very strong leader.”

DeSantis then guaranteed victory in the Iowa Caucuses and claimed that he was in a better position in the polls than past winners Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and Ted Cruz.

“We’re going to win Iowa,” DeSantis declared. “We’re way ahead of any other candidate who’s won the Caucuses in the past.”

The Real Clear Politics polling average in Iowa shows Trump leading DeSantis by 33 points.

And the most recent poll of the Hawkeye State shows Trump holding a 38-point advantage over DeSantis, 55 to 17 percent.

Despite Trump continuing to grow his support in Iowa and DeSantis’ lackluster fundraising – he only has $5 million cash on hand compared to $37 million for Donald Trump – the Florida Governor is going all in on his campaign in Iowa.

And while it is true that DeSantis is polling better than Huckabee, Santorum, and Cruz, Donald Trump is also polling far ahead of any of the Iowa frontrunners from the 2008, 2012, and 2016 campaigns.

DeSantis also claimed that he was a stronger General Election candidate than Trump based on his 19 point landslide win in 2022.

“The fact is, I won Florida by 17 points more than Trump won Florida,” DeSantis added. “So we have the ability to win nationally in a way that I think he would struggle doing.”

DeSantis then argued that he still had a path to victory by consolidating the Never-Trump vote.

“Coalesce the 35% of the people who want to move on with voters open to another candidate,” he said. “That will do the trick if you can get that done, and I think we will.”

The current polls show Donald Trump with nearly 60 percent of the Primary vote.

Even if DeSantis won 100 percent of the rest of the field, he would still lose by nearly 20 points.

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