Ron DeSantis’ new campaign ad once again serves as a model for other Republicans to follow

Many conservatives have high hopes for Ron DeSantis’ political future. 

But first he must win reelection as Governor of Florida. 

And now America’s Governor is out with a new campaign ad that is serving as a model for other Republican candidates to follow. 

The Governor’s race the entire country is watching

Ron DeSantis has been making waves in his time as Governor of Florida. 

Perhaps no other head-of-state across the country has spearheaded the passage of as many positive pieces of legislation as the MAGA Governor of the Sunshine State. 

However, being that effective comes at a price. 

Perhaps no other head-of-state across the country has as big of a target on his back as DeSantis does. 

Many Republicans are hoping DeSantis will run for – and win – the Presidency in either 2024 or 2028. 

But before that, he must win re-election. 

This November, DeSantis faces a Republican turned Independent turned Democrat, in Charlie Crist. 

Crist has an impressive resume, he’s a current Congressman, former Governor, former Attorney General, and former Education Commissioner – all in Florida and all as a so-called Republican. 

As an independent candidate during the Tea Party movement of 2010, Crist came in a distant second place to Marco Rubio in a U.S. Senate three-way race. 

However, when he ran to be Governor again, this time as a Democrat, Crist fell to Rick Scott by just a single-point. 

After three terms in Congress, the man who can’t seem to go away defeated troubled candidate, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried by 25-points in the Democrat primary for the right to face DeSantis in a general election for Governor. 

DeSantis takes to the air

DeSantis isn’t taking the challenge from Crist lightly. 

A few weeks ago, DeSantis released his first re-election campaign ad. 

It was a play on the incredibly successful Top Gun: Maverick and was considered a top flight campaign commercial. 

DeSantis is now out with his follow up ad, and though very different, this one may be just as good as his first. 

The ad features people from all walks of life, all ages, all races, all industries, thanking the Governor for things DeSantis has accomplished during his first term running the state of Florida. 

The ad is clever in that it shows how DeSantis is active in fighting cultural battles, without making those battles seem at all controversial. 

You’ll notice things in the ad like a segway from a female swimmer to a female golfer, which sends a subtle message about the Governor’s stance on men in women’s sports. 

And that’s just one example.

The ad really serves as a blueprint for other Republican candidates to follow. 

It remains to be seen how Crist will counter this punch of positivity from America’s Governor. 

However, it is also worth noting, this ad – as well as the Top Gun ad – are getting play outside of Florida, so along with helping him secure re-election, they could also serve as a launching pad for a potential national campaign. 

Will Ron DeSanis win reelection in 2022?