Ron DeSantis scored a huge win over Disney that will have you grinning from ear to ear

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ fight against woke corporations continues to see progress.

Democrats never expected this to be the case.

And Ron DeSantis scored a huge win over Disney that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Disney’s disastrous fight with DeSantis is shaking things up

The fallout over Disney opposing Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill continues to spread.

On Thursday, CEO Bob Chapek fired Chairman of Disney General Entertainment Content Peter Rice.

Deadline reported that Rice was fired and added, “The studio has named Dana Walden, Chairman of Entertainment, Walt Disney Television, to succeed him. Both of them came over when Disney swallowed Fox and are considered among the most accomplished creative execs in town. The move marks a high-profile restructuring shift made by Disney CEO Bob Chapek, as he continues to put his mark on the studio post Bob Iger.”

Normally, such a move would get passed off as typical corporate restructuring.

But this firing has political overtones.

There’s more than meets the eye to this story

Back in March, Peter Rice’s public opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill helped push Bob Chapek to take a more public stance on the legislation.

“Personally, I see this law as a violation of fundamental human rights,” Rice declared at the time.

Chapek faced a revolt from woke employees over the bill, which simply prevented teachers from grooming children in grades K-3 into transgenderism with a sexualized curriculum that was not age appropriate.

Eventually, Disney issued a statement saying they would like to see the bill either defeated or struck down in court.

Of course, that didn’t happen, and many think Disney overplayed their hand with Governor DeSantis.

Corporate America went woke – now they’re going broke

Over the last several years, corporations have become more aggressive at inserting themselves into political disputes.

During the months-long insurrection in the summer of 2020, virtually every company in America sided with the violent Black Lives Matter group.

And after Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams lied about Georgia’s new election integrity law being “Jim Crow 2.0,” Major League Baseball pulled the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta.

Americans were furious with the woke corporate posturing and began doing whatever they could to organize resistance, boycotting games, canceling vacations and streaming packages, among many other acts.

One Governor was willing to fight back

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was the first Republican to actually fight back against these woke corporations.

DeSantis told conservative commentator Dave Rubin that he actually warned Disney ahead of time to stay out of the fight. 

“I thought it was a mistake for Disney to get involved and I told them, ‘You shouldn’t get involved it’s not going to work out well for you,'” DeSantis warned. 

His comments sure seem prescient in light of everything that has happened since.

DeSantis subsequently signed legislation stripping Disney of its special tax and governing privileges.

Disney’s decision to pick a fight with Ron DeSantis over grooming children in schools backfired spectacularly.

And CEO Bob Chapek firing a high-ranking executive looks like it is part of the fallout.

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