Ron DeSantis was all smiles listening to this Country mega-star take on the blue checkmarks

Ron DeSantis was solid as a rock while leading Florida through a devastating Hurricane. 

And now he’s getting the rock star treatment for his leadership. 

But one of Country music’s biggest stars is now having to defend his decision to have America’s Governor with him on stage. 

Not exactly rolling out the welcome wagon . . .

Democrats like to think of themselves as the “cool” side of the political aisle. 

After all, they’re the ones who are supported by all the young actors, actresses, musicians and social media “influencers.” 

But when Democrats try to mix work and pleasure, it hasn’t gone how they would hope. 

Squad Member Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota was booed at a concert full of her Somali constituents. 

It didn’t go any better for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi when she went to a political concert to thank the audience for their “fight to end climate change,” except the crowd wanted nothing to do with it. 

The fact is, they weren’t in attendance for the cause – they just wanted to hear the music, and not listen to the Speaker speak. 

And sports fans want to see Democrats at their events about as much as the music fans do. 

First Lady, “Dr.” Jill Biden is a Philly girl, who was excited to head on to the field for a Philadelphia Eagles game as part of the NFL’s “Crucial Catch” cancer initiative.

But she didn’t receive the reaction she was expecting. 

The First Lady was booed out of the building – with some fans even starting a “Let’s Go Brandon” chant. 

Reports surfaced that the radio broadcast of the game actually cut the audio during her reception to cover up her not-so-warm welcome.

Standing ovation for America’s Governor

However, not all politicians receive a rude welcome when they venture into the world of pop culture. 

Country music star Luke Bryan recently invited Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to join him on stage at a concert. 

The crowd cheered America’s Governor on while he tossed out free baseball caps to attendees. 

Bryan had DeSantis join him because they were raising money to help with Hurricane Ian relief efforts. 

How to handle the woke mob

However, the good cause didn’t stop the woke mob on Twitter from coming after Bryan with their pitchforks and torches at the ready. 

But unlike all too many celebrities who apologize at the first sign the cancel culture outrage mob is coming for them, Bryan stood his ground. 

“I typically don’t respond to stuff when I’m getting a rundown on a social platform but here’s the deal, I understand Governor DeSantis is a very polarizing figure,” Bryan said. “But I grew up in a country where if a governor asks you if they can come and raise awareness to help victims of a natural disaster you help. I have generally stayed out of politics throughout my career. I knew people would chatter about this but for me, the more important piece was if I am going to come back there a few weeks after a large portion of people have been affected by a natural disaster in a state where people have been good to me this felt right.” 

Other celebrities should take notes on how Luke Bryan handles the mob. 

Would you like to see Gov. Ron DeSantis make an appearance at a concert you attended?