Russell Brand revealed the special guest who helped welcome him to Christianity at baptism

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The entertainment industry has long been plagued by Godless, and even satanic, sentiments.

But Russell Brand shocked the world last month when he joined the Christian faith through baptism.

And Russell Brand revealed the special guest who helped welcome him to Christianity at baptism.

Russell Brand felt inspired by the book of Galatians

Russell Brand has been going through a political and spiritual reawakening in recent years.

And on April 28, the British actor finally took the “plunge” into Christianity.

Brand said that his decision was inspired by Paul’s letter to the Galatians.

The actor said that his goal with baptism was to continue his path towards a new life.

Brand said he wanted “to leave the past behind and be reborn in Christ’s name like it says in Galatians — that you can live as an enlightened and awakened person.”

Brand said that his baptism was an “incredible and profound experience” that helped him to become “surrendered in Christ.”

“Many of you will have had your own experiences of baptism and will, therefore, know what I’m talking about,” he said.

Now new details are emerging around his baptism.

Bear Grylls joined Brand alongside the River Thames

In the weeks following his baptism, Brand celebrated the act that “changed” his entire worldview and ushered the Holy Spirit into his life.

The actor said that his first week as a Christian was “amazing” and that the ceremony brought him closer to God.

Brand was baptized in the River Thames outside his home in Oxford, England.

Brand shared an image of the baptism on Instagram last week where he was flanked by two men.

One of them was his close friend and fellow British star, Bear Grylls.

“Me, Bear Grylls, The River Thames, and of course, The Holy Spirit,” Brand wrote in the post.


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Grylls responded to the announcement in comments to the Daily Mail.

“Faith and spiritual moments in our lives are very personal,” he said, before adding that he was happy to be there for Brand.

“It is a privilege to stand beside anyone when they express a humble need for forgiveness and strength from above,” Grylls said.

“My resources are coming from somewhere else”

Brand has faced much skepticism in the wake of his baptism.

The actor has long been regarded as a free spirit who struggles with substance abuse.

But this move proves that it is never too late for someone to change their path.

Brand addressed the criticisms directly in a video following his baptism.

After admitting to being, “A person that has, in the past, taken many, many substances,” he said that drug use always left him “disappointed.”

Brand said that he has always been looking for “tranquility and peace” and finally found it.

“Something occurred in the process of baptism that was incredible, overwhelming,” he said.

“I can’t tell you how happy I feel and how relieved I feel, but as you know, if you know, my resources are coming from somewhere else and someone else now,” Brand said.

“Let’s keep doing this together,” he continued, before thanking his friends and followers for their support.

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