Safety concerns are mounting after police clashed with skaters in this Democrat-controlled city 

Michael Marconi, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Crime and chaos have exploded in Democrat-controlled cities across America. 

In many cases, criminals and troublemakers hijack fun and peaceful events at the detriment of law-abiding citizens. 

And safety concerns are mounting after police clashed with skaters in this Democrat-controlled city.

This dare-devil event has become a public safety nightmare in San Francisco 

Most people can remember riding their bikes, skateboards, or scooters around the neighborhood with their friends. 

There was always a large hill that everybody’s mother warned them not to go down because it would inevitably lead to somebody getting hurt. 

For many skateboarders, these hills have become their fixation and give them a thrilling and unique challenge. 

Skaters have even come up with a term for this kind of stunt, known as hill bombing. 

San Francisco hosts a great number of treacherous hills. 

These hills present a public safety nightmare to San Francisco officials, not just because they can lead to significant injuries, but because they have also attracted rowdy gatherings in recent years. 

Last year, locals gathered for an event known as “The Hill Bomb.”

Pandemonium ensued and participants clashed with police and destroyed public and private property, which resulted in mass arrests. 

Local authorities estimate that as many as 81 minors and 32 adults were taken into custody throughout the event. 

Predictably, local officials do not want to see these sorts of rowdy and dangerous events popping up, especially without any approval from the city. 

However, local skaters have started organizing another “Hill Bomb” event this year, much to the chagrin of the San Francisco Police Department. 

San Francisco Police Department Chief Bill Scott did not mince his words regarding these chaotic events.

Last Friday, he said that “the warning is please don’t. We don’t intend to allow a hill bomb. On social media we’re seeing that some are putting out that it’s been canceled. As far as we’re concerned, it is canceled.”

“If there are criminal violations of the law, vandalism, assaults or those types of things, or just reckless and dangerous behavior, we’re prepared to take enforcement action,” the anxious police chief added. 

Crime has eroded many of the features that make America so great 

 Few other countries cherish freedom and personal liberty like America does. 

If you want to bomb a hill on your skateboard after a long shift at work, then you can certainly do so. 

However, out-of-control crime threatens the very fabric of America.  

In many parts of America, leaving your home has become a life-or-death scenario. 

Democrats have allowed this dangerous dynamic to take shape. 

And it’s taxpayers and law-abiding citizens who pay the steepest price for this sort of demented tolerance.

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